The World: A place for Gender Binary

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A place for Gender Binary

As much as it is argued against by the many theories of the LGBT community, there is no denying that everyone has a place in the world. Whether people choose to support one truth over another truth, it does not in fact change the reality that the world is as it is. There are many different types of people and many characteristics that may be natural, enforced, learned, acquired, or even acted out. Each is done so for different reasons and motives. There is no single binding theory that describes the entirety of a certain community, and in fact there are no communities of people, only one race of humanity. Finding things in common and supporting one another is a frequent and heavily proven trait of humanity, as is the variety of sexual orientations and desires. When a gay or lesbian chooses, is born, acquires, learns, or otherwise conceives their orientation they make a personal decision on how to live out their lives.  Many different views hence exist, to which they may attach themselves. No single view is original or of their own design. It is a group effect of the nature of human kind. We gather, we discuss, and we construct cooperatively. A need to define one-self may be a reaction to larger or more forceful groups that make a person feel threatened or unwanted (i.e. growing up). By trying to force the acceptence of a community it is still another unrelenting fact of humanity. There is no right or wrong on either part, but the same common goal of protecting yourself and your own. Those, however, that transgress into the world of others (to defend the global goal of freeing subjugated groups from suffering imposed by others) are likely fooling themselves. They are those that fail to gather in groups of their own perspectives, or fail to have perspectives of their own in the first place. Nevertheless, these people insist on consuming themselves with a grandiose goal of moral supremacy, trying to introduce a peace-loving homogeneity into the world.

To serve in example, let it be known that  there are arguments that claim transvestites as simply adhering to the binary roles of society. But rather than accepting their place they attempt to acquire the stereotypes of the opposite sex. Can it be argued then, that all should have their rights and that stereotypes are ill suited definitions of mankind? Or is even such an encompassing peace-loving view an impossibility since you would leave out the transvestites because their very existence depends on such stereotypes? Why not simply let everybody do whatever it is that the feel like doing?

It has even been further argued that transvestites are nothing more than a byproduct of the gender antagonisms of our society; that they are expressing symptoms of a disease inflicted upon them by society. Transvestitism would not exist were it not for the gender binary in society. In fact no one would know that such a thing could come up as a question. What would the transvestites do if the opposite sex had no stereotypical traits? The answer is that they would do something else with their lives. We are not born wanting to be something else unless there has been a biological error that modern technology offers a solution to. Developed desires for becoming a different sex must be due to much more psychological effects of environment, upbringing, and self image. Again, all people have different reasons for the many things they do, just as each transvestite has a distinctly individual and personal reason for their behaviors.

It is as obvious as some of the basic principles of physics. Though there are many possible routes a person can take, only certain ones are open to them under certain circumstances. If an object is floating in space and is not moving, it will stay that way until a force acts upon it. In that case the object will move indefinitely until a different force will slow it down or stop it. Usually the object after acted upon continues moving forever. Just as the fact that society has developed the way it has, has given the opportunity to want to become a transvestite, and such a desire will now always be open until mankind ceases to exist. Now the question of morality comes into play. Since this opportunity has been opened, does it constitute a right that all people should have?


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