What is this world?

Although it is yet unfinished this is the first step in a series of thoughts to be published. It will be organized in the near future in Chapter form. Look out for new updates this week.

The most important feature of a human life, is its humanity. In many places of the world, human life comes cheap and by the dozen; while, across the great waters, live those who value life at the expense of exploiting foreign territory. And although it can be argued many ways through and throughout, I offer one example. How many “Pro-Life” supporters, and forgive me the terminology, ever thought about how much a single birth in the First-World would affect the lives of many. The effect of a rising population in the privileged world can be devastating to countries on which this world depends on for resources, and wealth. Without exploitation we have no American Dream. Without the endless suffering of others we have no modern technology. And to extend our resources in the hopes of raising those suffering out of their indefinite condition would ruin the ever consuming nature of Western society. What we know is authority, and denying that fact is no more than a tool we use to argue ourselves into believing that we choose our own destinies. In fact, human society can resemble the structure and functionality of an ant colony to a much closer degree than we would let ourselves believe. And our only saving grace as the dominant race on this planet, is the fact that we are capable of being aware of who and what we are and ask ultimate questions of existence. Why is there life? Why do we die? What is our purpose? Where did it all come from?

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