Computer Generations

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Computer is the technology used to ease human work. Since human race are improving rapidly, more advance technology is needed to help us. This is the reason why computer were first invented.

First generation computer

The first generation computer was invented by Presper Eckert and Willian Mauchly in 1946. The name of the computer was ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer). In 1951, UNIVAC which could calculate at the rate of 10,000 addition per second was invented.

The first generation computer uses vacuum tube, punchcard and magnetic tape.

However, vacuum tube generated a lot of heat and burnt frequently. Besides that, first generation computer were very large in size and problems occured a very hard to be detected.

Second generation computer

The second generation computer was started with the invention of transistor spark. The famous scienties in this creation is John Bardeen and William Shockley.

Transistor are used to transmit electronic signal across a resistor. Transistor is also used to replace vacuum tube because it is smaller, more efficient and more reliable than vacuum tube.

Third generation computer

The development of integrated circuit had begun the era of third generation computer. IBM 370 were introduced in 1964. Besides that microchip were also used to replace magnetic core memory and this had significantly reduced the cost and and size of computer.

The third generation computer are more reliable and more efficient. On top of that, hardware and software industry was also been given to life due to this invention.

Fourth generation computer

In 1971, 55 years after the invention of computer, the fourth generation computer was invented. Due to the invention of fourth generation computer, many household are able to own their own computer.

Personal computer had become popular as fourth generation computer are cheaper and affordable for most of the family. Examples of fourth generation computer model are IBM, apple, DELL and ACER.

Fifth generation computer

Fifth generation computer are still under development and it is the latest computer generation.

It uses natural language(language used by human in daily life) and example of fifth generation are supercomputers and mainframe. It also closely related to virtual reality,inteligence system and robotics.

The main idea of this computer was to enable non-educated human to interact with computer.

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