CashCrate Review: A Money Making Website

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CashCrate is a website where you are paid to do free offers or surveys online. It is like a survey site but it is unique in many respects. Unlike most online survey sites, CashCrate is free to sign-up and you never have to pay for anything. You are the person who gets paid to give your opinion.

There are about 4 ways to make some money on CashCrate. One is to do the free offers, which is basically you give companies opinions about different products that they sale. You complete the offer and then you get paid. Another way is to do the daily surveys on the site. You can do 2 surveys a day there and the surveys a pretty easy and can be very fun. You get to review a new product that would be coming out in a few weeks or a couple months. Some surveys will ask for your opinion on a new Coca-Cola drink, a new car, a new TV series or a new snack food.

Another way is to do the paid offers which are the opposite of the free offers. The thing with the paid offers is that you have to do a trial offer like a 3-day NetFlix pass. You would have to give out your credit card information but they will pay you more for doing those. You can just stick to the free offers and earn a good amount of money. The other way you can earn money is to get referrals to sign-up under your referral link. Your referrals will then do offers and every time they do your will get paid a percentage of that.

There are quite a few people on CashCrate who are using the referrals to great advantage. If you ‘recruit’ about 200 referrals and they all reach the 20 dollars minimum that could earn you a great deal of money. Some have earn over a thousand dollars by using the referral tactic as well as doing offers themselves. There are many ways you can earn money with this great site.You will get paid by check at the end of each month as long as you reach the $20 minimum. It’s fairly easy to get the minimum and you usually receive the check in the first 10 days of the month. So if you earn 40 dollars in January CashCrate will send you a check by mail between the 1-10th of February. You can do anything you want with the money as well. CashCrate is a very good site to earn money.

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