Ibrii: Create Notes by Clipping Web Pages

It lets you cut and paste things like videos, pictures, text document, music files or any other object from a web site or page on the net and save it in your Ibrii account. Later on you can directly view those notes and objects on Ibrii without the need to visit that web site. You can also share your content with others using Facebook, Twitter, IMs and email.



How it works:

As you can see in the above screenshot, when you join the ibrii web site, you get a bookmarklet called ” create note.” When you need to cut and save something from a web site, select it, click on the bookmarklet and drag the selected item to the sidebar that appears and save it.Later on you can directly view it in your ibrii account.The drag and drop feature is really easy, comfotable and makes Ibrii unique.There is some nice help on the web site which clearly explains how to tap the potential of the site.

let’s see Ibrii in action:


  • Create your personal notes by clipping web content.
  • Clip videos, pictures and text documents,music files or any other object
  • the saved item can be directly viewed on ibrii without going to the original site.
  • Content can be shared with others using websites like Facebook, Twitter, IMs and email.
  • Sharing of content can be done even if the other person is not using the ibrii web site.
  • it saves time as you don’t need to write down notes or download anything.
  • You can publish your notes as RSS feed also.
  • Some other web sites which offer similar services are:Evernote,Snipd, Thumbtack, and Clipmarks.

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