Crews find vertical stabilizer in Air France crash

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Search crews recovered the drifting of the tail of an Air France plane that fell in the Atlantic, Brazil said Monday the Air Force – one of the main conclusions that could help locate the black boxes and who crashed the plane. Eight more bodies were found, bringing the total to 24 recovered flight 447 Air France have gone from 228 people on board, according to Air Force Col. Henry Munhoz. 
The discovery of debris and body are to help users reduce their search for the reaction of the black boxes, perhaps the best researchers hope to learn what happened to the flight. Data recorders and voice are located in the fuselage near the tail of the aircraft. 
William Waldock, a professor in the investigation of air accidents Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Ariz., said it does not necessarily mean that the black boxes are located near where the remains were found, but search of the tail is narrow in the region even more. ” 
Brazilian military officials refused to specify the main elements of the aircraft were found. However, a video on the website of the Brazilian Air Force entitled “found drifting sample video of the play – which keeps the nose of the aircraft to swing from left to right – and is linked to a ship. 
The part of Air France has blue stripes and red, is still in its triangular shape and was not visible burned. 
Waldock – who examined the photos and video and stabilizer bar – said the damage that resembles the side of the fracture. 
“This reinforces the idea that the plane broke in flight,” he said. “If you arrive intact, everything is broken into small pieces. 
No signs of burns on the proposed stabilizer few tracks: Any explosion or fire in the fuselage are not likely to find their way back to the tail, according to Waldock. Examination of the fracture surface will also be key, Waldock said, because of what they indicate the direction of the force that broke the room. 
Researchers are also studying the possibility that the speed of the external auditors – called Pitot tube – ice cream and more dangerously false reading of the cockpit of computers in a storm. 
Goelzer Peter, former director of the National Transportation Safety Board, said the lack of speed, and the fact that the drift is sheared from the reaction could be bound. 
The Airbus A330-200 has a rudder limiter, which limits the amount of the rudder – which is attached to the tail – can move at high speed. If you go too fast while traveling, you can turn off the stabilizer and the vertical shear of the same. 
“If you had a bad speed power to the computer through the Pitot tube, which could allow the wheel to travel along,” said Goelzer. The limiter limits the travel of the rudder at high speed and prevents it from being uprooted. ” 
Asked if the rudder or stabilizer is sheared off could have resulted from the reaction down, Goelzer said: “Absolutely. We need a rudder. And what we need (rudder), limit the availability to ensure that no rudder to start or cause havoc with the aerodynamics of the aircraft. ” 
Goelzer also said that the bodies recovered have a role in the investigation. If researchers can determine the identity of a body and that person was sitting in the plane, the type of injury may provide clues about the accident. 
The investigation into the TWA Flight 800 that crashed off Long Island, New York in 1996, revealed that the victims were sitting in front of the line 30 sustained flash burns. Goelzer said that researchers have helped to confirm that his nose and blew the fire from the fuel tank for passengers. 
Debris and bodies were found about 400 miles (640 km) northeast of the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha islands north coast of Brazil, and approximately 45 miles (70 km) from where the response was hearing from May 31. 
Some high-tech help is on the way for researchers – two from the U. S. Navy able to pick up the flight recorders and the beacons below the bottom of the ocean. What are the causes of the Airbus A330-200 to plunge into the ocean on May 31 with 228 persons on board perhaps not be known until they are black boxes. 
An internal memo sent to the pilots of Air France on Monday and obtained by the Associated Press invites you to refuse to fly, unless at least two of the three sensors on each aircraft Pitot were replaced. 
The head of another trade union of pilots, however, said Monday that problems Pitot probably did not cause the disaster flight 447. 
Users must act quickly to find answers on the cockpit and flight data recorders, since acoustic pingers in the boxes begin to disappear 30 days after the accident. 
Although large pieces of aircraft debris allowed to refine your search, it remains a difficult task in the water 1.5 miles (2.5 km) deep and an ocean characterized by rugged mountains. 
Ocean currents during the eight days since the disaster, took the rest floating in everything, which complicates the search, said U. S. Air Force Col. Willie Banks, commander of the United States liaison office in Brazil and the commander of U.S. military forces to support the search operation. “In the sense that waste away do not know exactly where the black boxes or other parts of the airplane on the ocean floor.” 
Towed Pinger Locator The United States is sending is expected at the end of Brazil, on Monday and fell into the ocean near the debris field on Thursday, Berges said. The research focused on several hundred square miles (km ²) of about 400 miles (640 km) northeast of the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha islands north coast of Brazil. 
The listening devices five feet long and weighs 70 pounds. It will be towed by a ship from Brazil, the other by a french ship gradually trawling in a grid in the search box. The devices can detect emergency beacons to a depth of 20,000 feet (6100 meters). 
Cables for devices onboard computers, which enable a team of 10 persons for each device to accompany the listening to pings and displays a screen as a radar to detect objects in the air. 
The nuclear submarine attack Emerald, coming later this week, also try to find the acoustic ping, military spokesman Christophe Prazuck said. 
If the ping is found, the high seas without a pilot on board the vessel under investigation Why not try to retrieve the boxes of the deep ocean. 
Twenty-four bodies were found Saturday 45 miles (70 km) from where the response has been heard. 
Users have also identified two aircraft seats and debris with the logo of Air France, and has recovered dozens of aircraft structural components. They had already recovered fragments wing jet, and said that hundreds of personal belongings of passengers were pulled from the water. 
France is leading the investigation into the cause, while Brazil is focused on the recovery of bodies and debris. 
Brazil said that the search area is located southeast of the reaction of the last transmission – automatic signaling messages catastrophic electrical failure and loss of cabin pressure. Messages flight 447 is probably broken in times of turbulence in flight from Paris to Rio de Janeiro. The location of the remains could mean that the pilot tried to turn in flight. 
The metal L-shaped pitot tubes exceed the wing or fuselage of an airplane, and heated to prevent icing. The pressure of the air entering the tubes sensors can measure the speed and angle of flight. -More ice cream, frozen or malfunction of the pitot tube would result in a speed sensor failure, and lead the team control of the aircraft to accelerate or decelerate in a potentially dangerous . 
Air France said it was the replacement of pitot tubes in the model of the Airbus A330 in April 27 after an upgrade available, and complete the work in the “coming weeks”. The monitors have not yet been replaced in the plane that crashed. 
An official of the union Alter, speaking on condition of anonymity because the note has not been released, said it was a “strong presumption” among its members a pilot Pitot problem precipitated the accident. The note said that the company must have at all soil A330 and A340 aircraft pending replacement, and warns against a “real risk of loss of control” because Pitot.


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