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Woman Finds An Abandoned Puppy And A Note, What Happens Next Is Amazing

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If you ask anyone who owns a puppy how they feel about it, they will tell you that it’s a member of the family. Dogs have a way of growing on us but sadly, there are some cases in which people can’t afford to have them anymore. This is where things get sad because people abandon their dogs and throw them on the streets. With that said, be ready to tear up because the story that I am about to show you is powerful!

20. Doing Housework

Our story begins when a senior woman decided that she needs to groom the flowers in her backyard. As the woman arrived in the backyard, she hears a weird growling noise coming from the bushes. You won’t believe how she reacted to this!

19. Weird Noise

Even though most people would get scared in situations like this, the woman wanted to see what animal was making that noise. Little did she know, she would end up having the surprise of a lifetime!

18. Little Dog

Fortunately, the animal who was making the weird noises was just a little doggy. Looking at the dog, the woman noticed that something weird was strapped to his little paws. What could it be?

17. A Heartfelt Note

The woman noticed that something was hanging by the doggy’s paw and decided to pick it up. She couldn’t believe her eyes! It was a note from the person who abandoned the dog in her backyard! You will be shocked to find out what it says!

16. His Name Is Reese

The note said that the dog’s name is Reese and that the original owner just couldn’t take care of him anymore. To make things even worse, the note unveiled that Reese is 13 years old! Can you imagine how difficult it must have been for the original owner to leave Reese? Sadly, that’s not all…

15. Overcrowded House

Sadly, the woman who found Reese in her backyard didn’t have any room left in her house. She already owned three dogs and couldn’t adopt Reese. Luckily, she came up with a brilliant idea. Keep reading to find out what it was!

14. Living On The Streets

The senior woman knew that she couldn’t simply leave Reese to live on the streets and she decided to do something about it. Not having any other options, the woman posted Reese’s story in a special Facebook group in hopes that someone might take the poor doggy in.

13. Facebook Post

Sadly, no one from the Facebook group was willing to adopt Reese. On the bright side of things, someone tagged a special animal rescue group in hopes that they might take Reese in. What happened next is amazing!

12. Royal Animal Refuge

The local animal shelter is called “Royal Animal Refuge” and someone tagged them in the Facebook post. The shelter volunteers wanted to help, but they didn’t have any room for Reese. Things were not looking good for the poor doggy, until…

11. Reese Gets Lucky

The odds were stacked against Reese, but things started looking better when one of the Royal Animal Refuge volunteers decided to take Reese into her house until she could find an adoptive family for him.

10. Steel Cages

The reason why the woman took Reese into her home is because she didn’t want the 13 years old dog to be stuck behind a steel cage. She knew that living in the animal shelter is tough and that Reese needed a little bit of comfort after all he’s been through. However, the most amazing thing happened next!

9. Playing Around

The volunteer’s mother started playing around with Reese, and she loved spending time with him. The abandoned dog was super happy to have someone give him attention and the woman enjoyed his company.

8. Reese Finds A Home

After spending a couple of days with Reese, the volunteer’s mother decided that she wants to adopt Reese and to give him a loving home. Isn’t this amazing? Reese got lucky, but sadly he isn’t the only dog to be abandoned with a note by his side.

7. Sad Doggy

This sad doggy is called Scooter, and just like Reese, his owner abandoned him and left a note by his side. To make things even worse, Scooter was abandoned next to a garbage can.

6. Someone Finds Scooter

After hours of waiting in the cold, a couple who was passing by spotted Scooter and picked him up. The note was heartbreaking, but the couple couldn’t adopt Scooter because they had no room in the house.

5. Looking For An Adoptive Family

Scooter was a happy dog, and he loved to play around. Seeing this, the couple decided to start looking for an adoptive family for him and took him to their home. You won’t believe what happens next!

4. Adorable Puppy

The couple took some pictures of Scooter and posted them on social media in hopes that someone might fall in love with him. Do you think that happened?

3. New Owner

Hours after the couple posted pictures of Scooter online, someone called and asked about him. The couple couldn’t believe how fast Scooter was able to make someone fall in love with him!

2. Loving Family

Scooter now has a new family, and he is happier than ever! The doggy was abandoned next to a garbage bin, but things are finally looking good for him because his new owner loves him. Do you think Scooter got lucky to find an adoptive family so fast? Or was it because of his cuteness?

1. Incredible Stories

We have to admit that both Reese and Scooter’s stories are incredible. Both dogs were abandoned on the streets, but they managed to turn things around by finding amazing people who were willing to take them into their homes.

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