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First lets Examine The Human Body Cell in Healthy Function!

The Human Cell is one of the most basic units of life.  There are millions of different types of cells.  There are cells that are organisms onto themselves, such as microscopic amoeba and bacteria cells.  And there are cells that only function when part of a larger organism, such as the cells that make up your body.  The cell is the smallest unit of life in our bodies.  In the body, there are brain cells, skin cells, liver cells, stomach cells, and the list goes on.  All of these cells have unique functions and features.  And all have some recognizable similarities.  All cells have a ‘skin’, called the Membrane, protecting it from the outside environment.  The cell membrane regulates the movement of water, nutrients and wastes into and out of the cell.

So To summarise, A Good healthy Cell Membrane lets in Nutrition and Expels Waste Products and will reproduce as a Healthy Cell.

Isn’t that exactly what we want?

So Now lets take a look at the individual component parts and function.

Cell Membrane:

A Membrane, which Envelope’s the Cell and Separates its Interior from Its Surroundings.
The Cell Membrane strictly controls what moves in and out and maintains the Electrical Potential of the Cell

The Nucleus:

Often referred to as the “Control Centre “The Nucleus is a Membrane-enclosed Organelle and it contains most of our cell’s Genetic Coding Material, and coordinates protein synthesis
The function of the Nucleus is to maintain the integrity of the Genes and to control the activities of the cell by regulating Gene Expression or Reproduction. The Nucleus is therefore the Control Centre of the Cell


The Hereditary Material of Genes, which guide the operations of the Cell and how it gets reproduced.

The Mitochondrion:

Mitochondria are sometimes described as the “Cellular Power Plants” because their primary function is to manufacture Adenosine Triphosphate or (ATP), which is the Cells Source of Energy.
The number of Mitochondria found in different types of Cells around the Body varies widely.
At one end of the spectrum, some Cells have just one large Mitochondrion, While human liver cells normally have between one and two thousand Mitochondria each.

So Now Lets take a look at the value of taking Natural Omega 3 Supplements!
Healthy Safe Omega 3 is harvested from deep Sea Fish, and so contain No Heavy metal Contaminates. Found in store bought brands. And are constantly monitored for Quality and Purity!

Healthy Omega 3 contains the fatty acids EPA and DHA which research has Proven to make a difference for people of all ages and in all health situations.

So why are our Cells at Risk, and How?

Today we are consuming more and more synthetic products, and less and less good Healthy food!

How’s That?

So Called Natural Foods, such as Fruits and Vegetable are valued in our diet for the Antioxidant Protection that is Required by all of our Body Cells. Antioxidant’s Protect our Cells From Oxidative Damage, That Process that turns a Cut Apple Brown when The Cut Side is Exposed to Oxygen or Polution…
Many of you will recognize the practice of storing cut fruit in water with added Lemon Juice! Well the Lemon Juice is the Antioxidant, and Protect’s the Fruit from Oxidization! Or Turning Brown !

So why can’t I get these Antioxidants from my food, I eat a healthy diet??

With Today’s farming methods Many of the Vitamins, Minerals and Phyto-nutrient’s  (Antioxidants and Disease fighting Elements) are Simply  Depleted due to Intensive Farming Practices and Chemical Crop Spraying Thus Leaving our Poor Cells Vulnerable to Invasion or Attack! From Stress and Synthetic Pollution!

In addition to that!  What Food we are Consuming is Actually Damaging our Cells Further on a Daily Basis.

Its Hardening the Cell Membrane and Preventing the Absorption of Vital Nutrients and the Expulsion of Waste Material, Starving our Mitochondria and  Altering the Genetics!

And the bad news is ! its in most of our diet!

I am talking about Trans fats! Or hydrogenated fats!

Look at your Food labels and you will find it Every-where!

These fats are Responsible for Hardening the Cell Membrane, Inhibiting the Flow of Nutrients and Causing our Poor Under-Nourished  Cells to Die or Mutate into Nasty Invasive and Destructive Organisms, Bringing at best Exhaustion and Listlessness, and at Worse, a Huge Hike in Risk of Cancer, Alzhimers, Dementia and  Diabetes !!

Astounding Isn’t it ?

Recent Research has Revealed a Drastic Rise  Since the 70’s of these Diseases! A Rise in Direct Proportion to the Increased use of Trans Fats During that same 30 Year Time Period !!

Scary isn’t it!!!

Did you know?.

Margarine is just One Molecule Away from Being PLASTIC!!!!

Health Advisors have Long Been Educating us and Promoting Margarines and such Products as the Healthy Alterative to Butter !!

What Madness!!!!

Also….Vegetable Oils and Sunflower Oils when Reheated Actually Turn into a Synthetic Material that Can Adversely Affect our Cells, Making them Unstable…they then Go Searching Around for Healthy Cells from which they need a Nuron to Re-Stabalize… Our Healthy Cells Now Handicapped  can then Become a Rough Cell!!

What to do?…. Seriously!

Butter in Moderation is the Much Better Option…

Why not Cook with Good Quality Healthy Olive Oil?
Its Packed with Natural Antioxidants and Couldn’t Be Better For You!

(Warning!, Not light Olive Oil, Its just Had all the Good Antioxidants Removed!)

So why is Omega 3 so effective at supporting Cell Health!

Omega 3 is Made Up of Good Fatty Acids!! These Fatty Acids are The Very Building Materials our Body Requires to Manufacture Healthy Cell Membrane! Thus Facilitating Healthy Cell Function! Vital to the Health of Our Immune System!

Lets look at Omega 3 Fish Oil and Cancer!

Research Scientists at an Institute in Sweden did a Complete Review of Fish Oil in a Cancer Research Study. They found that the Omega 3 fatty Acids in Fish Oil, Particularly EPA and DHA, Definitely Helped to Slow Down the Promotion and Progression of Cancer.

Exciting Isn’t it?

Omega 3 Fish Oil and Blood Pressure

Many Studies have been Done on the Effect of Omega 3 Supplements on lowering BAD Cholesterol and in turn, Lowering Blood Pressure.  Results have Shown that, The Omega 3 Oils, Lower Cholesterol, Get Rid of Fat in the Blood and Remove Plaque From the Arteries making the Arteries more Pliable or Stretchy. Whilst Oiling the Plaque and Preventing it from Sticking to the Artery Wall!

Once These Things are Happening, Blood Pressure Naturally Settles Down !!

“Now How about Diabetes” you ask?

When the Cell Membrane is Affected the Genetic Code is Altered and Will Not Unlock to Allow the Natural Insulin Production Proccess!
Avoiding Hydrogenated Fats ! and Promoting Healthy Cells, By Supplementing with Good Omega 3 Has, in My Experience Been Highly Effective in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes!!!

Astounding isn’t it!

Dementia and Althzimer’s are both Fearful, Cell Degenerative Diseases Protecting the Electricity of Cells with Omega 3 Should Be An Absolute No Brainer!

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or (ADHD) and Dyslexia!

A Study Done in England Proved that Children Who Took Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements for 6 Months, Later Tested more than a Year Higher in Reading Skills and Six Months Higher in Spelling than Those who were Not on the Supplements.
Persons who have the Condition Dyslexia have also Been Shown To Responded Well to the Introduction of Omega3 Supplementation, Reporting Clearer Thinking, Less Confusion and Better Concentration!!!

The Sad Thing Is:

Lost of Children Are Still, Today, Just Getting Classified as, Having Low Behavioural Skills or Social Learning Difficulties! ….. or Just Being Plain, Old Fashioned, Bad Kid’s !!

In Conclusion…. The Value of Omega 3 Has Long Been Established and Recognized by Scientists in the Field of Health and Nutrition…  More Recently it Has Been Acknowledged More Widely by the Medical Profession, As They are Just Now Realizing the Numerous Health Benefits of Omega 3 in The Diet!

And to Quote An Accomplished London Doctor, Who While Consulting My Mother at St Bart’s Last Year, Commented.” We Don’t Exactly Know How Omega3 Work’s, But What We Do Know Is, It Works, And in Many and Varied Health Conditions!”.

So Here’s a Question For You!
How is Omega 3 Supplementation Looking to You Now?

Oh! You Have a Question?
Let Me Guess!!

“ Ive Been Talking All Along, About Oils That Come From FISH !!”

And that is a Very Good Question, For Which There Is A Very Good Scientific Answer !!!!

Recently World Health Organizations Have Been Issuing Warning’ Again’st Eating Too-Much Oily Fish!

Here’s Why!!!

While Oily Fish naturally Contains an Abundance of Natural Omega 3 for Inclusion in our Diet!…It also Contains Hazardous Contaminant’s Too…Heavy Metals such as Copper and Lead !! More Poisons !!!

(“Does’nt Exactly Make For Healthy Eating Does it?”.)

So Whilst a Good Supply Of Omega3 is Vital For Optimal Health
Its Recommended its NOT SAFE to Eat More than 1-2 Portions a Week!


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