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Pit Bull Is Adopted But Refuses To Leave Without His Tiny Friend

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Having each other’s backs in difficult situations is one way to create strong bonds between people, but what if I told you that this happens to animals too? Today we are going to show you a touching story about two shelter dogs who found love in each other’s arms when no one wanted them. Be prepared to tear up because this story is incredible!

20. Meet Merrill and Taco

These adorable dogs are Merrill and Taco, and their story will blow you away! Sadly, it doesn’t start on the right foot, and if you keep reading you will find out why.

19. Rocket Dog Rescue

Their original owners abandoned both dogs and left them to live on the streets. Fortunately, the folks at Rocket Dog Rescue took them in and provided them with shelter and healthy food. Also, this is when Merrill and Taco first met!

18. Meeting For The First Time

The rescuers didn’t have room for both dogs and decided to place them in the same dog kernel. While this might not seem too dangerous, the rescuers were taking a huge risk because they had no idea if Merrill and Taco would get along or not.

17. Best Friends

To everyone’s surprise, Merrill and Taco instantly became best friends. The two adorable pups loved being together, and the rescuers were happy to see this. Unfortunately, this is when Merrill started feeling sick. You won’t believe what happened to her!

16. Life Or Death Situation

Merrill needed to get surgery, and it was serious! In fact, the rescuers say that it was a matter of life or death. Taco proved to be a great friend because he never left Merrill’s side, even though she was sitting on the vet’s table! Isn’t Taco amazing?

15. Best Friends

Taco was Merrill’s best friend, and he wasn’t about to leave her alone when she needed him the most. Seeing how loyal Taco is, Merrill started caring for him more than ever, and she would start crying if Taco was taken away from her dog kernel.

14. Adoptive Family

On the downside of things, Merrill and Taco were not supposed to be permanent residents at the rescue shelter, and they needed to find an adoptive family. Finding the perfect home would prove to be more difficult than usual because the two dogs wouldn’t leave each other’s side.

13. Looking For A Dog

One day, a man who was looking to adopt a dog in need of a home decided to see Merrill. The rescuers were excited that Merrill was about to be adopted, but they had no idea how the pooch would react to this!

12. Together At All Times

As the man grabbed Merrill in his arms, Taco started to cry and waggle his tail. Taco didn’t want Merrill to leave, and this broke the man’s heart. What do you think the man did next?

11. Making An Important Decision

The man left his house looking to adopt a dog not two, but seeing how much Merrill and Taco care for each other, he knew that he couldn’t separate them. The two dogs are best friends, and the friendship that they share is pure. This is why the man decided to make this important decision…

10. He Adopted Both Dogs!

The man decided to adopt both Merrill and Taco. Even though this wasn’t his original plan, he knew that his house is big and he could take both of them in. This picture shows us Merrill and Taco taking a ride towards their new home, don’t they look adorable?

9. Goofing Around

It seems like adopting both dogs was the right decision because they felt comfortable together. Just look at how much they are goofing around their new house! The shelter employees never guessed that someone would adopt both dogs, but they were super excited that it finally happened!

8. Happy Dogs

After months of living inside the same metal kernel, Merrill and Taco finally had enough room to sleep comfortably, but they still wouldn’t leave each other’s side! Isn’t this amazing? The two dogs share a strong bond, and nothing is ever going to break it.

7. True Love

All that matters is that Merrill and Taco finally had someone to love and care for them. The man who adopted them says that his family loves having the two dogs around and this brings him joy. The next picture will make you smile!

6. Relaxing Walks

Merrill and Taco’s adoptive father says that he loves taking the two dogs out for walks. He knows that they spent most of their life sitting behind a steel cage and he wants to make sure that they feel free. 

5. Play Dates

Another amazing thing that Merrill’s adoptive father is doing for her is setting her on play dates with the neighbor’s dog. You can imagine that being trapped behind a steel cage has taken a toll on Merrill’s emotional state and luckily, her new adoptive family is giving her all the freedom she needs!

4. Always Together

One of the most amazing things about Merrill and Taco’s story is that most dog friendships are ruined while living in the shelter. There aren’t that many people who are willing to adopt two dogs at once, and this makes Merrill and Taco really lucky.

3. Unbreakable Bond

The two have stayed together through the worst of times, and now, they can finally relax and enjoy themselves. Let’s hope that their story inspires more people to adopt dogs and not leave them in shelters where the living conditions aren’t that good.

2. Living A Happy Life

Merrill and Taco’s adoptive father says that the one thing these two love to do more than anything else in the world is to take naps! We think it’s safe to say that both deserve their beauty sleep after spending so much time living on the streets and in the shelter.

1. Touching Story

It’s not often that you hear about two dogs who manage to stay together through hard times and this shows us how special Merrill and Taco are. The unbreakable bond they share is what compelled their adoptive father to take them both.

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