Intimate Fantasy 1

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As I drove past the rest area where I saw cars parked every day, I wondered “Why do they stop there?  There are no restrooms or places to eat.  It’s just a spot where you park and there’s a view.”  All I could imagine is that people stop there to meet or strangers meet at this rest area after work, in the dark and making passionate love while looking at this view.

Chills ran through my body as these lustful thoughts bounced in my head.  Can I ever do that?  Would I have the courage to do such a thing?  Yes, it would be exciting and adventurous but it would also be risky.

The following day, there was a thunderstorm and the highway was extremely foggy where you couldn’t see two feet in front of you.  Everyone was driving about 15mph.  Without thinking, I pulled into the parking area and as I was looking for a spot to park near the view, it hit me.  “Can it be true my fantasy may come true?”

The fog literally hid the view from sight and almost concealed the other cars that were parked beside me.  Without warning, a tall man, dressed in a sharp business suit, knocked on my window and startled me out of my thoughts.  the man was very handsome in a rugged sort of way.  I rolled down the window and he asked “Are you stuck? Are you okay?”  I replied “Yes, I just pulled in here to wait for the rain to stop. How about you?”  He responded “Well to tell you the truth, I was doing the same thing you were but sitting in my car in the middle of this rain and fog not being able to see anything is creeping me out.  You never know what crazies are out here.  Would you mind if I sat with you in your car?”  I said “How do I know you are not one of those crazies you are speaking about? while chuckling under my breath”.

Without asking, he pulled out his wallet and showed me his identification.  He was an FBI agent and said “I’ll gladly give you my home phone and cell phone # if you would just let me sit in your car?”  I laughed and waved him over.  I opened the car door and he jumped in the passenger seat.  We sat there for what seemed hours before saying a word but we both knew what we wanted to happen.  At least that’s how I felt.  All of a sudden, I felt his hand on my thigh.  My bare thigh – it just so happens I didn’t wear stockings that day.  I reached for his hand and boldly moved it further up my thigh closer to my heat.

We began to kiss and the passion that radiated between us fogged up the windows even more concealing our sinful pleasure.

Someone knocked on the window, woke me up from this wonderful dream.  A lady stood by the window and waited for me to roll it down.  She asked “Mam are you okay?  Its not safe for you to leave your car running and fall asleep like that.  You should be careful.”  Laughing under my breath I said “Oh yes, I’m fine.  I must have dozed off while waiting for the rain to stop.  I see it has stopped and the fogged has rolled off.  Thank you for your concern.  I should be on my way.”  She smiled and said “Goodnight. Drive safely” and walked off to her car.

Wow! that was such a vivid dream.


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