How To Pick Up A Girl

There are plenty of men that master the great art of seduction. Wherever they go they find attractive good-looking girls, they talk to them and they pick them up. Very easy, right?
So why a lot of other guys struggle when it comes to have success with women? What are those secrets that let the normal, average Joe to become a Don Juan and live a successful dating life?

Here you are some advices to double your dating:

– Girls are everywhere, not only where you think they are (parties, clubs). Give a look around during the day and guess what? Girls are behind every corner.

– When you approach a girl try to not care about the outcome, stay calm no matter what and be yourself, like if you where with your friends.

– It’s not important what you say. How you say is what really matters and that’s exacly what girls really pay attention to. Are you talking confidently? Do you feel at easy and confortable dealing with her?

– Think about something original and do it. Have fun with her. This way you’ll set yourself apart from the crowd that keep telling girls how cute they are in a very annoying and boring way. Don’t put her on a pedistal. You are the prize and if they want you they have to get you.

– Keep the banter up. Once you’re talking, keep talking. You may want to come up with some funny or interesting stories or whatever it comes up to your mind. Keep the energy high.

– Avoid absolutely the interview tecnique, i.e. asking things like “What do you do for a living? Where do you come from? What’s your favorite movie?”

These advises will help you to improve your dating situation.

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