Why do men and women always pick jerks?

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This has been something I’ve thought about for a long time. I could never figure out why a young lady would pass up a respectible guy for a total slimeball. I used to imagine that maybe it was because of the thrill or challenge. I was never quite sure. As I started having relationships or attempted relationships, I noticed that I too was going after bad women. I didn’t want the bad ones but I was ending up with them somehow. I was always careful and I looked for certain key qualities but I still messed up. I like to keep an opened mind so I asked all kinds of sources. I even asked my own mother about this. She said that nobody is perfect and that I just have to weigh a woman’s good qualities against her bad qualities. That was a nice suggestion (thanks Mom) but it didn’t help too much. I say that because generally the few bad qualities they had weren’t really worth the good qualities. I call understandable bad qualities something like, being cranky sometimes, telling an occasional white fib or getting into an argument. I don’t however consider drug or excessive alcohol use acceptable. I don’t consider being generally damaged to the point that I can’t depend on her acceptable. I don’t consider physically abusive women acceptable. I don’t consider spoiled and destructive style arguing all that acceptable either but I could probably tolerate an occasional bad argument. I would turn to my guy friends and they pretty much say that women suck. That was nice to know they wanted to help but simply telling me they suck wasn’t really going to help much. Some told me I needed to look elsewhere. They suggested the midwest or even other countries. I didn’t much care for the whole idea of mail order. Somehow that was missing something. I would ask women for advice about where to look, but that almost never worked. You would think that being a women they would know women best, but often what a women wants and what she thinks she wants is very very different. So they would give suggestions on how to get the “good ones” but I already knew it wouldn’t work. I decided to open my mind and try their ideas anyway, and sure enough, they didn’t work… Yes, of course it would work for THEM! If they used those techiques to get men it would work but then again, EVERYTHING works on men! All of a sudden it dawned on me why men and women both end up getting mixed up with the wrong types of people. I think it’s because women can never know men like other men do and visa vera – men can never know women like women do! That’s why you see women all talking amongst themselves trying to figure out why a good looking guy is going out with “that thing” and the guy sees nothing wrong with her at all. It’s the same with men. Us guys can see right through a slimeball dude, and yet the girl he’s with doesn’t seem to notice anything at all! It struck me that if you ever want to know what you might not be seeing in the opposite sex, just ask someone of that person’s same gender! Now this is not a cure all, people go after damaged people for different reasons, but if you are one of those who thinks you’re with someone nice only to be broken hearted later, perhaps this technique will work for you.


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