5 Ways to Get Free Books

  1. The library: Uh duh! How easy we forget in the day of the Internet. You can read them for free, and sometimes libraries will give away some of their old free books if you are a regular member of one of their reading clubs or something similar. And, of course, you can always check out books for free.
  2. Become a book reviewer:This one probably takes the most work. It’s rare to get a full-time job as a book reviewer, but there are still opportunities to get free books. Start off with a blog where you review plenty of books. Go to several online forums where writers and readers and editors hang out. Get to know some people online. Do some marketing of your book reviews. After a while you’ll be able to e-mail publishers and ask them for a copy of a book. Some publishers might scoff, but plenty will mail a book out to you.
  3. Look online:There are plenty of sites online where you can swap books for others’ books, or sometimes just get books for free outright. Check your local craigslist advertisements in the “free” section. Other cool places to look are Many Books and BookCrossing. Keep in mind you might not always get real, physical books, but pdf files or ebooks.
  4. Book clubs: Yes, it costs a little money so technically it’s not completely free, but many book clubs will over a deal where you buy one book at regular or a cheaper price and you get 3 or 4 or 5 or more books for free. Try out the Doubleday Book Club and the Science Fiction Book Club, but there are plenty of others online.
  5. Dumpster diving: Yech! Right? Well, it might be an extreme, but plenty of book stores and grocery stores and gift shops toss unsold books out in the trash. Wear some latex gloves. And most importantly, be aware of the law. In some places, dumpster diving might be considered trespassing.


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