10 Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

  1. Change your patterns: If you often smoke while driving to the store, walk to the store instead. If you sit down to relax and smoke after a meal, go run some errands or do some household chores. To idea here is to change your routine, to not do things that you normally did while smoking. Heck, maybe even move furniture around; that way you wouldn’t have to sit in places where you used to smoke.
  2. Find support: Tell your friends and family you are giving up tobacco. They’ll provide emotional support for the tough times when those cravings are hitting you like a brick to the stomach. Also, look around your region for any smoking-cessation support groups; maybe where you work has something similar, or maybe at your church.
  3. Make a list: I’m talking about a list of reasons you want to stop smoking. Health reasons? You hope to live longer? Whatever your personal reasons, write them down on a list. Then keep that list with you, maybe in your purse or your wallet or in the seat next to you in the car. Whenever you feel a hankering for a smoke, read the list. It will help to keep you motivated.
  4. Start new habits: But make them healthy habits. Maybe go for a walk or a jog, if your health permits. Walk the dog a little more often.
  5. Hold something and chew something: Your fingers are always used to holding a cigarette, as are your lips. Let them keep their habit, but with something more healthy. This can help fight those cravings with false sensations. Maybe take up lollipops, healthy ones, though. Or chew on toothpicks or drinking straws, nothing dangerous.
  6. See your doctor: This is an obvious one. Especially if you’ve been a smoker for a long time, giving up tobacco can have drastic effects on not only your mind, but also your body. And not all those effects will necessarily be good ones right away. Consult your family physician and take any help and advice they can offer.
  7. Wait: If you ever feel the urge to smoke, just hold on for a few minutes. Find something to keep you busy for a while. Eventually the craving will pass, and those cravings should come less and less often.
  8. Treat yourself: Every time you would have bought a pack of cigarettes, instead take that money and drop it in a piggy bank. If you were any kind of regular smoker, pretty soon you should have quite the little pile of loot. Take that money and buy something special for yourself. This could make an excellent prize for yourself at a milestone, maybe at the end of your first week or month of not smoking.
  9. Drink lots of water and natural juices: This will help your kidneys to flush out all that nicotine, especially during your first three days, the toughest days. Make sure to check with your doctor about your health; too much water, and sometimes juices, are not conducive to better health. Also, some juices are not meant to be taken with certain medications. Just be careful.
  10. Stay away from alcohol: If you are a drinker, you should stay away from the stuff while you are trying to quit smoking. Alcohol affects judgment, and can easily lead you back to smoking again.

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