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Woman Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime When Her Rescue Cats Give Birth At The Same Time

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Most people don’t have a good opinion about feral cats. These animals are seen as dirty, messy and most importantly dangerous. However, the story that you are about to see today is going to change your mind about them! Feral cats will acts just like normal ones they are treated with love.

20. Ramona and Chloe

These two feral cats are called Ramona (left) and Chloe (right). Their story starts on the wrong foot since they were hanging out with a bad group of other feral cats and the local police was looking to capture them. Luckily, the right person found them first!

19. Rescued

The two cats were rescued by a woman who took them to a special animal care center called TinnyKittens. The folks at TinnyKittens were more than happy to take them in, especially since they noticed something weird about them…

18. Shelter And Healthy Food

The rescuers noticed that both Ramona and Chloe’s bellies are bigger than normal and this meant that they were pregnant. Knowing this, the rescuers took them into the care center and provided them with healthy food and safe shelter.

17. Little Kittens

It didn’t take long for Ramona to give birth to her kittens. This is when the rescuers noticed that Chloe would always stick by her side. Despite being feral cats, these two felines always stuck together!

16. Loving Mothers

The rescuers were amazed to see that Chloe helped Ramona take care of her kittens. Not just that, but Chloe would also never leave Ramona’s sight. The next picture will make your heart melt!

15. Difficult Job

Being a mother is a difficult job and it looks like Chloe knew that since she helped Ramona clean and nurse her kittens. This is when the rescuers started worrying about what could happen when Chloe gives birth to her kittens as well. Would the two cats still get along?

14. More Kittens!

Days after Ramona gave birth, Chloe had her kittens as well. This picture shows us just how capable of love feral cats can be when they feel comfortable and safe. Isn’t this amazing?

13.  Nine Kittens

Ramona and Chloe had their paws full! The two had nine kittens together and they never left each other’s sight which meant that all kittens had to be taken care off at the same time. This was a difficult task, but the two feral cats managed to do it together. And that’s not all!

12. Feral Cat Colony

The woman who originally rescued Ramona and Chloe said that the colony to which they belonged to was made from 200 feral cats! Can you imagine how tough life must have been to those 200 cats?

11. Living In A Colony

I am sure that living in a feral cat colony wasn’t easy. Finding food for 200 cats sounds impossible, especially since they all are feral and there’s no one to help them out. Luckily, Ramona and Chloe were rescued right before giving birth.

10. Tired Mother

This picture shows us how tiring being a mother can be. Poor Chloe, she has to take care of nine kittens but luckily, Ramona is there to help her out. The next picture will make you go “awww”!

9. Sharing The Same Bed

The two cat mothers don’t care too much about comfort and they share the same bed. This picture is super adorable, but what’s coming next tops it!

8. Holding Paws

Isn’t it adorable how the two cats hold each other while sleeping? Good thing the two have each other because feral cats that get separated from their colonies usually become aggressive, but this didn’t happen with Ramona and Chloe. The kittens on the other hand…

7. Active Kittens

The rescuers who take care of Ramona and Chloe are saying that the little nine kittens are super active. The only thing they want to do is to run and jump around their mothers all day long! 

6. All Worth It

Even though taking care of nine kittens at the same time is making Ramona and Chloe tired, it’s all worth it in the end. Just look at how adorable this little kittens is! Wouldn’t you love playing with it everyday?

5. Stressful Job

As we can clearly see, these little kittens can be pretty stressful. The look on Chloe’s face says it all! However, the next picture is even funnier than this one!

4. Little Kittens

If you thought that having one little kitten sitting on your head every day is stressful, then what about three? Chloe doesn’t seem to be able to get a break!

3. A Mother’s Love

No matter how stressful taking care of these little kittens can be, Chloe is always going to be there for them. This feral cat is showing us what a mother’s love is all about!

2. A Goodnight’s Sleep

Ramona and Chloe can say goodbye to having a good night’s sleep! The two feral cats are going to be super busy until the nine kittens grow up.

1. Feral Cats

Ramona and Chloe showed us that feral cats are not as mean as we might think they are. Nonetheless, what did you think about these two cats who stayed by each other’s side when they needed it the most?

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