The Triangle of Trust According to Frank Kern

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Here’s a review of a free video the famous internet marketer Frank Kern has uploaded recently.

In this video he deals with a tecnique which works very well to sell more and more to your list and it’s called the triangle of trust.
It has got 3 components:,, 3.sales letter or money site; you put a video on your blog that endors whatever you want to (the sales letter with your o somebody else’s product, it doesn’t matter if you are an affiliate or it’s your own).

Let’s explain why this new Frank’s tecnique works so well.

Why videos. Videos has a lot of perceveid value right now, especially in non-internet marketing niche where only a few are using videos. If you send an email to your list with a link to a video will always have a greater impact than a standard email or a free report. In the video you want to promise a result, so people will be more willing to watch it. Here you will have 95% content and 5% pitch. The content will have to be relevant to your money site and to the reason people should watch it and ultimately, purchase the product.

Why blogs. At this moment blogs are identified as places where to get news and not a mean to be sold anything, an under-the-radar mean in the selling mecchanism. Then in the blog page with the video you can invite your customers to check the new product out without much selling blablabla and you’ll get a great response, greater than any other way, in Frank’s experience.

How this works. People who watch your video on your blog are psycologically predisposed to buy what you are offering.

Frank Kern is awesome as usual, delivering good stuff and for free.


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