Tips on Writing a Hardship Letter for a Short Sale

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Creating a hardship letter for a short sale is a time for you to bring out all of the stops. Yes, this is the time to be honest and put the details of your life on paper. Here are a few tips to help you write a hardship letter for a short sale.

Write your hardship letter by imagining a bank officer that is pressed for time. Unimportant details should be left out of the hardship letter. Aim to keep the hardship letter as short as possible. Some background information may be required, however always reread and edit your hardship letter before submitting it.

The goal of the hardship letter is for the bank officer to offer you some assistance. Try to gain their sympathies.  This is not the time to blatantly beg, or repeat different aspects of your problems.Imagine the dialogue of the letter. Read it aloud. It should sound like you are talking personally to the officer at the bank.

Use the first paragraph to state the purpose of the short sale letter. Let the bank officer know exactly what your desired outcome is. Think for just a moment, if you are a bank officer with dozens of short sale letters to read, do you have time to scan for the meat and potatoes of the letter? No. Politely state that you are requesting a short sale. They should not have to guess why you are contacting them.

Always talk in a respectful tone in the letter. Use language that is professional, yet personal. Always include all of the proper contact information in your short sale letter.


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