10 Basic Tips for Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

  1. Substitute foods: Don’t starve yourself. Your body, you stomach and yes, even your eyes, are used to a certain amount of food every day. Instead of cutting back on the amount you eat, change the type of foods you eat. Forget about that cheeseburger, and reach for more salad instead.
  2. Watch your drinks: It might not seem like it, but what you drink can add to the calories. Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are especially full of calories and fat. Milk is also quite fattening, and even many fruit juices are high in calories. And forget those diet soft drinks; they help very little. Your best bets for fluids are likely skim milk and good old-fashioned water.
  3. See your doctor: Especially if you are considering a major weight loss. Not only can your family physician tell you what’s healthiest for you, but they can also make suggestions as to where and from whom you can receive further help.
  4. Exercise:Yes, it sounds like a lot of work, but the old saying is somewhat true, “no pain, no gain.” And you don’t have to start some strenuous exercise routine. Just start being a little more active. Walk to work or school or to the grocery store. Park further away at malls and walk to the entrance. Again, you should check with your doctor before starting a major exercise regime, especially if you are not in the greatest of shape.
  5. Stop eating when you’re full:Go away from the table not quite full to your stomach. And definitely don’t leave the table stuffed to the gills. Eating slowly helps by allowing your body to recognize you are receiving food.
  6. Take things gradually: Don’t start out trying to walk five miles a day, and don’t start a diet by trying to starve yourself. You’ll quickly become frustrated and that makes it easier for old habits to kick in. Start off slow. Just walk a short distance your first few times, then gradually add a little more distance every few days. And cut back on your food intake by large amounts right at the beginning. You’ll feel starved. Slowly decrease the amount of food you eat. This also helps you keep to your diet.
  7. Allow yourself to be bad: But only every once in a while. Don’t give up chocolate cake altogether if you love it. Again, you’ll become frustrated eventually and then you might want to binge on chocolate cake. Just don’t eat chocolate cake all the time, or often. Give yourself a reward every now and then. Exercise is the same. If you’re feeling weak or tired one day, skip the walking or whatever. Just remember to get back on board the next day.
  8. Turn off that television, and that computer: People tend to eat more when plopped down in front of the tube, or are sitting at the keyboard. Get some exercise! Turn off the TV and PC and go for a walk. You’ll burn more calories that way.
  9. Say goodbye to restaurants, especially fast food: Eat at home more often. That way, by preparing your own meals, you can know exactly what you are eating. Also, it’s easier this way to control your portion sizes. But again, let yourself be bad once in a while, just not all the time.
  10. Seek out others: Finding other people who are in the same boat as yourself can be a big help. Maybe you need to join a weight-loss club or group, or maybe you should get a gym membership. Being around others trying to lose weight will not only keep up your morale, but also you can learn more tips on losing weight from others.

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