10 Unusual Pizza Toppings

  1. Squid: Try it with shrimp and Miracle Whip or mayonnaise. Maybe a touch of your favorite cocktail sauce. Could make an interesting seafood pizza.
  2. Baconnaise: Why not? Add real bacon and ham and sausage and have a total pig fest. But only if you’re not worried about fat and calories. Check the Baconnaise Web site for more recipe tips, and believe it or not, the stuff is healthier than you might think.
  3. Asparagus: Turn it into a vegetarian pizza by adding sprouts and spinach and cucumber slices. Not your thing? Not mine, either. I’m more of a meat lover. But every now and then a veggie pizza can be cool and healthy.
  4. Cream cheese:Add some pineapple slices or some strawberries or other fruit and have a dessert pizza. It would be decently healthy. Though I wouldn’t suggest putting on the traditional, tomato-based pizza sauce. That’d be a big YUCK!
  5. Peanut butter:Bring on your favorite jelly and have a PB&J pizza! Or there’s always bananas, or even deep-fried bananas. Elvis would have loved it. Add chopped nuts for that crunch factor.
  6. Eggs:Put in some spinach and cheese and you’ve got yourself an omelet. Maybe some onions to bring on the flavor. Strips of green and red peppers could make a nice combination, too. Just watch out for the heartburn.
  7. Cranberries or cranberry sauce: With some turkey slices and maybe pumpkin pie filling, this could be a little Thanksgiving pizza served early. If you want to live real dangerously, make the bottom layer just on top of the crust out of mashed potatoes.
  8. Sweet and sour chicken:You could add on some fried rice or noodles and have a Chinese pizza. But you wouldn’t have to stick to sweet and sour chicken and that delicious sauce. You could try General Tso’s chicken or pineapple chicken or any other different kind of chicken from one of your local Chinese restaurants. Get it to go, then add make a pizza out of it.
  9. Prawns: Sound fishy? Go all out and add tuna and salmon and anchovies. You’ll have the ultimate fish pizza. Your sauce could be a cocktail sauce or maybe even a malty vinegar.
  10. Chocolate: This one isn’t for everyone, but with marshmallows added it could be like a hot cocoa pizza. Or serve it with your favorite pudding or cake icing. Go all out and make a giant, fatty, dessert pizza. Sit back and enjoy.


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