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Orphaned Baby Rhino Is Raised By A Goat, Now He Acts Like One

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Today we are going to present you an amazing story about a little goat named Lammie who showed to everyone what love is all about. The sheep lives at an animal rescue and she became the surrogate mother to everyone who needed her. Get ready to be amazed because you won’t believe who Lammie adopted.

20. Meet Lammie

This cute sheep is called Lammie and despite her small size, she has enough love for everyone! Lammie lives at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) and that’s where she meets all types of animals.

19. Adoptive Mother

The first animal that Lammie took in her care was this elephant. Can you believe that a small sheep can become the adoptive mother of a huge elephant?

18. Lovely Sheep

Lammie had so much love to give that she didn’t care who was receiving it. Lammie didn’t mind that her adoptive baby is an elephant, all that she wanted was for the elephant to be happy. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

17. Lots Of Animals

The farm where Lammie lives is filled with lots of animals and as you can clearly see, the sheep is quite close to the local rhino. As crazy as this might sound, the rhino is Lammie’s second adoptive baby!

16. Baby Elephant

This baby elephant’s name is Amanzi and his story is not a happy one. The rescuers found him all alone in the jungle because his family left him behind. Seeing how he didn’t have anyone to care for him, the rescuers brought him to the HESC center.

15. Getting Healthy

The baby elephant was not healthy when he was first brought to the rescue center. To make things even worse, Amanzi didn’t even want to drink milk! Luckily, Lammie decided to help him out.
14. Adopting

To everyone’s surprise, Lammie saw Amanzi and decided to comfort him. No one ever saw a sheep being so gentle around a baby elephant before, but what really mattered was that Amanzi was happy.

13. Having Fun

As time passed on, Amanzi started feeling better and this showed just how much impact Lammie had on his life. You won’t believe who is the animal that Lammie adopted next!

12. Getting Bigger

Amanzi was healthy and he was getting bigger by the day. Seeing this, Lammie knew that her work as a surrogate mother was successful and she decided to adopt another wild animal.

11. Big Rhino

This rhino’s name is Gertjie and even though he is a full grown adult, he has some troubles integrating with other rhinos. Keep reading to see what I am talking about.

10. Rhino Problems

Gertjie didn’t have his own family and this made it difficult for him to learn how to communicate and act around the other rhinos who were staying at the rescue center. The next picture is heartbreaking!

9. Gertjie Is Sad

The poor rhino was sad because he couldn’t make any new friends. Luckily, here is where Lammie steps in and saves the day!

8. Lammy And Gertjie

The rescuers were scared to see Lammie run around Gertjie when they first saw them. They thought that Gertjie might hurt Lammie, but they couldn’t be more wrong! Lammie took Gertjie in as one of her own and she started teaching him everything he needs to know.

7. Playing Around

Lammie and Gertjie were playing together all day long. This was amazing to see, especially since Gertjie used to always be sad. It seems like Lammie managed to bring a smile on his face.

6. Giving Gertjie Courage

The most amazing thing about the relationship between Lammie and Gertjie is the fact that Gertjie was becoming more and more confident as time went on. Lammie’s friendship is what helped him do this next thing!

5. Making New Friends

Lammie showed Gertjie that he doesn’t have anything to be shy about and the rhino went on to make some new friends. The rescuers were amazed to see how much of an impact Lammie had on Gertjie’s life.

4. Loving Mother

From the looks of it, Lammie is a loving mother that wants nothing else than for her adoptive babies to be happy. This sheep is truly special and no one can deny that.

3. Family Time

The rescuers say that even though they have been living with Lammie and Gertjie for more than a year, they still get amazed when they see them. Truth be told, a friendship between a sheep and a rhino is quite unusual.

2. Big Animals

Even though Gertjie and Amanzi the elephant are two of the world’s biggest animals, Lammie didn’t care about that and the only thing she saw was two babies who needed a mother. Isn’t she amazing?

1.Cooling Off

The rescuers say that one of the most amazing things about seeing Lammie and Gertjie together is the fact that Gertjie started adopting some of Lammie’s behavior such as jumping and running around the yard all day long.

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