Work at Home Help – How to Write Articles Faster

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Writing articles is a great way to earn extra money from home. If you have a website or blog, using article marketing can help to drive free traffic to your domains. Many times when you begin writing for content websites that pay upfront or websites that pay residuals you may feel that there are not enough hours in the day to write all of the content that is necessary.

Websites like Associated Content, Bukisa, and Ehow are popular for many people seeking income at home. It is easy to write an article, and get lost in the moment. An article that you think will take twenty minutes, is now reaching an hour.


Research the topic that you are going to discuss before writing the article. Your research may include reading a book or viewing on online educational resource on the topic. Have a list of keywords for each article. Use these keywords as a guide. For example if you are writing about growing hair faster, find the best keywords.


Use the Google keyword selector tool and find two to three keywords. Write a paragraph on each keyword that is listed. Try to only use keywords that are popular with a large number of searches. Searches under a few hundred a month may not be profitable. There is not a wide audience seeking out information on that particular keyword.


Find free photos that are related to each keyword used for each content articles, blog posts, and websites. Great sites to try are flickr , zemanta, and Resist the urge to skip finding a photo. Content with pictures, often is viewed longer and more often.

Write Unedited

Start to write. Write as though there is no one grading your work . There is no editor, waiting to reject this article. Write. Keep writing. Push through a block of not knowing what to say next. Keep moving your fingers on the keyboard.


Write your articles in batches. Articles that are on a single subject flow better, when they are on a similar topic. For example you may write five to ten articles on healthy hair. Simply research, find the keywords, and start writing.


After you have written all of your articles take a break. Edit and spell check each article. Read each article out loud to hear grammatical errors. Do a word count, to make sure that each article is the correct number of words.


Submit your articles in groups. For example, five articles on hair growth submitted at the same time to Associated Content may earn more in upfront payments.

Use these tips to write articles faster. Try to get faster each week writing articles. It is possible to write three to six articles an hour.


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