Home school, slowly a must brotee mukhopadhyay

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Home school, slowly a must

brotee mukhopadhyay

Home school movement is a new feature in imparting education to our children. Parents and guardians gradually has begun to learn that their children are not receiving proper attention and care in the schools and that they are being brought up with more vices than values. They also have begun to estimate that the children are even not learning the three Rs in due time and that they do not find enough spaces to open their mind. Naturally persons in the form of crippled personalities are moving from Chicago to London or from Paris to Venice. The parents and guardians have reached to the apprehension that  time, money and energy afforded so far for the education of the children are going to form thousands of inland drainage which are sure to move to the desert.

If we try to go to the very old days of India removing the accumulated dusts that have made those sunny days nebulous to our vision, we will find a few fortunate learners from different parts of the region sit encircling one aged and bearded person, their respected teacher. They used to sit under a huge tree which provides kind shade to all who did gather there to know what the truth behind everything they notice around was. Those learners were lucky and they belonged to the upper run of the society as most of the children in those days were not allowed to have education through the existing community standard in those days.

We should remember that there was a system of imparting education to the children in the monasteries in different parts of the world, The Christian world in Europe, the Buddhist missions in India and the Islam-occupied Baghdad had left great instances behind.

In the nineteenth century persons like Rabindranath Tagore in India and Leo Tolstoy in Russia have received home school learning. They were very few in number and really they were simply the microscopic and fortunate few. In the twentieth century such rare examples were fewer.

Human beings are sure to learn even if any machinery for this purpose works or not. All through the ages human beings have learned and learned and learned and they have been in the learning process generally away from the compulsion of the rulers of the soil. But at present we have developed such machinery as may help the children to have education with fewer difficulties. And the development of the home school move has stemmed from the fact that performance in the current system has been marked unsatisfied. The fundamental reason for this is the control of the rulers who provide the scope for the learners and spend some money from the exchequer and control the total task through a number of agents and offices. Up to this one may not have a word to express annoyance. The very purpose of the rulers of the state is to develop people that will always favor them and the lawful and illegal and ethical and non-ethical activities of the rulers to promote the evils are ignored generally. It is true that a huge amount of money and very good machinery are required to impart knowledge to the millions in our time. Here lies the contradiction. The rulers need their people and they will invest and support the program until everything will support their target. But human beings want freedom and freedom in the sphere of learning too. The dreadful contradiction in this sphere has also prompted people to work for the home school program.

The home school programs seem to be the future course of events in the sphere of education. People in the USA and UK and also in some parts of Europe and sometimes in a country like India want to contribute in this field. Increase in the number of the distant education or national open schools in different countries and emergence of responsible watchers’ body may usher a new era. Hence let us open all the windows and wind and light will come inside and will come definitely.


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