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Hi guys.  This is a protocol on how to jailbreak a ipod touch (2.2.1 software) using a Mac computer. By jailbreaking your ipod, this will enable you to download (using Cydia) third party applications that you can not find on the Apple store.

This will give you step by step instructions.  If there are any problems (such as a frozen screen), just remember to restore your original settings (via Itunes).  Also remember any modifications to your Itouch does void the Apple Warranty.

  1. Download Quick2GPwner save it on your desktop.  You can download this here .  Now you want to extract the zip folder, and you will see the Quick2gPwner folder.
  1. Click on the Quick2gPwner folder, which contains 6 items.  You should see a Quick2gPwner application.  Double click on this and, when the warning appears, Click open.
  1. Next you will see a language selections screen.  Select English (or Portuguese)
  1. Now you will need to put your Itouch into DFU mode.  So to do this, connect your Itouch to your Mac, and this will open Itunes automatically. 
    1. Press and hold the Home button and the Sleep button at the same time.
    2. After 10 seconds release the Sleep button, but keep holding the Home button, until Itunes gives you a message that it has detected an Itouch in recovery mode.
    3. The Itouch screen will now become black
    4. This procedure may take a few times to get correctly.  It took me two times to do this.
  2. Once the Itouch is in DFU mode, press the continue button (this will be a message stating that the Itouch needs to be put in DFU mode, however, this was already done)
  3. Next a message will appear with the title “Quick2Pwner-Pwning Device”.  Hit the Pwn the IPod touch 2G button.
  4. A terminal screen will appear.  This looks like the terminal screen with the MacHost files.  When the terminal screen appears, press Command + V on the keyboard.  The Itouch will now begin the jailbreak process.  The computer will do all the work.
  1. After some time, the Itouch will reboot.  When this is done, you will notice on your springboard that Cydia will be on there.  This application will allow you to download third party apps.


My top 5 Cydia applications

  1. Winterboard
  2. NES emulator
  3. MxTube
  4. QuickGold
  5. BossPrefs


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