Use a Treadmill and Remain Physically Fit

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Use a Treadmill and Remain Physically Fit

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It is a universally accepted imperative that we must feel well physically as we are required to remain prepared for any kind of job that demands movement of the body and proper functioning of different organs of our body. Hence we have been in the search for better and still better something that may be helpful and beneficial for this purpose. We have been informed of the free hand exercises and some of us are daily members of a gym. But as we, at a point of our life, find that time is scarce and it will be a luxury to move daily to a gym, we have tried out an alternative and this one is a Treadmill.

A Treadmill is a fine device, a mechanical one, which helps us to lose weight and maintain fitness of the body simultaneously. This equipment for exercise is really something like a friend as it works as a beautiful home gym. The following points we must keep in our mind in order to use a Treadmill or in order to extract the best dividend from this device.

Safety First

It is a device in which we shall have to walk and even run when its platform will roll on.

a) In order to avoid an injury caused by a sudden fall we must keep it in a place so that it does not come in contact with any items of the house, particularly a power cable and also windows, any furniture or even any of the walls.

b) There are emergency stop buttons, controlling provisions for speed and inclination and we must seriously go through the manuals provided by the seller and learn the methods carefully.

c) We should at first learn the use of the safety bars or side rails and also safety clip or tether.

d) We should practice at a moderate speed as we are sure to be aware of the landing shocks that may cause problems to our muscles or joints.

Exercise Postures

It is important to know how we shall stand on the matrix.

a) We must not look down and instead our vision will be straight.

b) Our head should be high.

c) We should look straight.

d) Our shoulders will be firm enough.

e) Running or walking, whatever may be the position, our steps will be normal.

f) We shall swing our arms on both sides.

g) Our heels should rest first and then our toes.

h)To the front of the belt we should run and at the same time we should try to station at the center.

To begin with

Our target is to raise the rate of blood circulation and the rate of the heart bits and finally reach to the original status. Hence, we shall be slow rather in the speed while walking or jogging and the rate should not be more than 3 kilometer per hour and after a few weeks we will increase the rate gradually. We should also take some stretching exercises.

To select a better one

We should buy one updated version of the Treadmills which have lot of provisions. It is better to have a set that will allow us to watch the television and/or that will provide arrangement so that we can read a book when our calories get burnt. On the way to end It is also important to keep in the mind that ending is as a thing to take care of as the starting itself. It is better to purchase one set that has definite cooling down program.

The Treadmills are really fine substitutes for gym-based fitness of our body.


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