Smackdown V Raw 2010

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Another year and time for the latest installment of the WWE Smackdown V Raw series. Little will have changed since the last installment (2009), but it is bound to have one or two new or different features, one of them being a story editor, where you can create your own story-lines, create your own cut-scenes and set the different match-ups at an event, choosing who wins the match and if there is interference. This is something that has been sorely needed ever since the first title in the series. Now we can create our own story-lines dreamt up in our heads that we have been dying to see.

The old match favorites will still be there, such as Hell in a Cell, TLC, and Elimination Chamber types as well as many many others. Weather the inferno match will make a re-appearance is yet to be seen, but personally I won’t miss it if it doesnt make it in.

Smackdown V Raw 2010 will feature many different superstars from the Smackdown, Raw and also ECW brands, that are currently on today’s roster. And yes, Jeff Hardy has made the cut!

Smackdown V Raw 2010 will be hitting shelves in the U.K on 23/10/2009 and will be around 40 Pounds, on all platforms which are Xbox 360, PS3 and PS2. It is also available to pre-order and if you pre-order it from certain sites, you receive a code to unlock a certain superstar not found on today’s roster.

This one will be for fans of the WWE and any wrestling fans in general .


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