How To Get Your Ex Back

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How to get ex back can only be answered by your ex and your ex alone. A lot of people are trying to uncover the secrets to getting their ex back in their lives while in reality; it can only be answered by one person – your ex. So how can one know what’s in the other party’s mind? Ask. This is the most regretted yet most powerful verbal move one can do. And, in order to get clues to what your ex lover’s thinking, the following questions will be of great help. Read on.
Do you still love me?
Very bold enough yet this one works! A lot of people who can’t get enough of their ex and hoping for another chance can ask this question. The answer will either be a yes or no, but most of the time; you get a yes for an answer. When this happens, take advantage of the green light and aim for your goal – to have your love back into your life.

Are you seeing someone?
This question hurts, but you still need to ask this one anyway. If this is the only means to know your chances of getting back to your ex, then so be it. This honest question certainly needs an honest answer. Therefore, you have to show in return that you’re serious, sincere and honest enough to dare ask this query. After all, this will determine your future uniting moves and so you have to do well in asking this one – something that will not appear to be offensive to the other party.

Can I still keep in touch?
When your ex asks you with this kind of question, he/she definitely wants you back. How to get ex back is sometimes manifested not just through actions but in words as well. This kind of question means that your ex partner can’t still get out of the usual routine of being with you, the usual lifestyle with you and the usual life that includes you. You can get your ex back by asking this question. If the other party affirms, you’ll sure have greater chances ending up being couples once more.

Can we turn back time?
This make one squeals in joy especially if you still have feelings for your ex. You can have the initiative to ask this question however, it will be fitting if women would wait for men to ask them this inquiry and not the other way around. If in your last conversation, your partner asks you this kind of question, he/she definitely wants you back. If the feeling is mutual then waste no time to say your side.

Can we start over again?
How to get ex back can be determined by this one question. You can ask this question and see for yourself if the other affirms positively. If so, this signals another series and chapter of your lives together. So, this time you have to make certain that everything will work out as planned.

All these queries are important in your quest of getting your ex back to your arms once more. Although these may not guarantee efficiency, it still wouldn’t hurt to try.


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