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Special Needs Dog Rescued Minutes Before Being Euthanized

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Taking care of an animal that requires more attention can be difficult, but a woman realized that was her calling. After a decade of taking care of special needs dogs, Paula Peek is happy to know that she gave the pups a loving home and a full life. It was ten years ago when Paula went to a shelter in Georgia. She is a foster parent for puppies, and she was visiting the shelter with her friend, picking up a litter for her.

But when Paula arrived at the shelter, her life would completely change. She rescued her first puppy right before euthanasia!

20. A Horrifying Sight

Paula entered the shelter, looking for the puppies she was going to foster. But she saw a horrifying image. The staff at the shelter had a dog on the exam table, ready to euthanize him.

19. Stop!

She couldn’t let them do that without knowing if the pup was really sick or not. She remembers it clearly: ‘they had the injection [needle]out, and I was like, ‘Stop! You can’t do that in front of me.’’

18. He Can’t Walk

She asked them what happened to the pup. The staff said ‘He’s been here for 10 days. All of his other siblings got adopted. And he can’t walk.’ The puppy had a condition called spina bifida. He would have struggled his whole life…

17. Nobody Wanted Him

The pup’s name was Weeble, and his condition impaired his spinal cord development. He couldn’t play or walk like the other pups in his litter, so nobody chose him. It would have been too difficult to raise him…

16. Weeble’s Hero, Paula

When they told her about the pups, she came up with an idea. Paula wanted to take the pup home with her. And she told the staff she won’t get any other pups to foster unless Weeble comes along. You won’t believe what she said next!

15. She Took Weeble Home

‘So they gave me Weeble … and after about a month of playing and healthy food and a little bit of therapy, Weeble can now walk and run.’ Who would have thought that the pup would recover? And that’s not all!

14. He Is A Happy Dog

‘Weeble can now jump on and off the bed. He is just a wonderful, happy and healthy dog,’ added Paula. She was so thrilled that she could help a pup recover, so she started to take in more special needs dog…

13. Love Helps

Seeing that with a ton of love and care Weeble is now healthy, Paula knew she could help other dogs. You won’t believe how many pups she has inside her house. This woman is the best foster mommy ever!

12. Twenty Pups!

We’re telling you, Paula lives in Heaven! She has 20 special needs dogs, most of them are terriers and Chihuahuas, so there’s enough room for them being that small. And they’re definitely happy to live with her!

11. A Rewarding Work

One of the pups is called Anna Banana. The dog ‘came with some pretty severe liver issues’, but Paula gave her special food and medication ‘… and Anna Banana has now turned into the queen of the house.’

10. Tiny Gertie

Paula has a small pup she saved from breeders. She was tiny, and the breeders wanted to sell her to carry a litter. But Paula’s friend rescued Gertie, and now she lives with the other 19 furry siblings.

9. She’s so TINY!

Paula was shocked to see such a small pup: ‘When she came to me, she was timid. Now she comes to you, and she knows how to sit. She is the beauty of the house.’ Paula learned to love animals from her great-grandmother…

8. Learning to Love and Respect

‘My great-grandmother loved animals,’ said Paula. ‘And I was very sick when I was young, and I stayed with her more than I went to school,’ she recalls. She will never forget how she took care of her. And later, her great-grandmother got sick…

7. Nursing Homes

Later in life, Paula’s great-grandmother ‘eight years in a nursing home, vegetative with Alzheimer’s.’ All the events in her life made her think of life decisions. So, she came to this conclusion.

6. Caring for Our Elderly

‘We need to take care of our elderly, whether they’re human or whether they’re animals. We can’t just abandon them,’ said Paula. Never since she started fostering special needs dogs has she thought of abandoning a case…

5. Until the Very End

Paula said that even if the dog reaches the end of his life, she will stay with him until the last moment. And when the dog passes, this is what Paula would do. We’re crying over here!

4. Helping Others

When one of her special needs dog passes away, Paula goes to revisit the shelter. She fills the space with another special needs pup. It really is heartbreaking, but also reassuring that someone dedicates their time to care for these pups…

3. Old, ‘Crotchety Things’

‘All these old, little crotchety things doing their best, which for some is just lifting their head up, just to say, ‘Oh my God, you’re here,’’ said Paula. She is happy that she can help the pups and she also finds it rewarding!

2. Without Her…

‘And just the licks and the kisses and knowing that without me, these little heartbeats wouldn’t be happening,’ added Paula. She knows that these pups wouldn’t stand a chance on their own and they may have faced the same fate as Webble…


Paula was asked how long she will continue to foster special needs dogs and her reply touched the hearts of millions of people: ‘forever.’

Her job is difficult and costly, but she has a Gofundme page that gathers donations to help her cover costs for treatments of the pups she cares for.

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