2009 F1 Turkish Grand Prix: Jenson Button WINS

What a race!! As predicted it was a fierce battle between Jenson Button (Team Brawn) and Sebastian Vettel (Team RBR-Renault). Vettel speed off like a chariot on fire trying his level best to out run his pursuer Jenson Button. But within the first lap of the race he skid into the turf at turn 10 on the circuit and had let Jenson Button through for 1st place. It was such an easy over take for Jenson Button as he did not even put any pressure on Vettel for the lead place. The next stunning laps of the race had us on the edge of our seats where Jenson Button whom was leaving  Vettel like miles behind and clocking in the fastest lap of the circuit had some how been caught up by Vettel by less than a second gap. It was any man’s race between them as no matter how much Jenson blows Vettel away, he still can’t shake him off. But alas Vettel just could not hang on to his spot and was slowly being left behind button away.His team mate however the fast and persistent racer Mark Webber (RBR-Renault) crept up slowly from 4th place behind Button at the starting grid and had finished 2nd. Sebastian had the 3rd place for himself.

Rubens Barrichello (Team Brawn) had the worst luck at the worst time. At the start of the race at the second the starting light turn green, his car stalled but was saved by the on board anti-stall device. However it was a bit too late for him as he dropped back from 3rd position to 12th. He didn’t give it up without a fight though, as he battled it out with Heikki Kovalainen(Team Mclaren) for 11th place and finally got through but unfortunately his aggressive driving slams his front right wing diffuser against Adrian Sutil’s (Team Force India-Mercedes) rear tire which made him pit for a replacement wing and tire change. The final nail on the coffin for him was when his 7th gear (Top gear) had stop not working. Tough luck for Ruben but not as tough as for Giancarlo Fisichella (Team Force India-Mercedes) as he had to retire early at the race due to brakes issues.

Jenson Button dominated the Turkish Grand Prix taking the lead from Sebastian Vettel on the first lap and driving a superb race to bring his Brawn-Mercedes car home for his sixth victory of the 2009 Formula One season.

The overall driver’s championship standing remains the same for the top 3 with Jenson button leading the driver’s championship with team mate Ruben behind him with 35 points. Vettel managed to creep up closer behind Ruben snow with only 7 points difference. Well that’s the standing for now, the other drivers except Rubens and Fisichella, all manage to finish the race and are now looking forward for the next F1 GP in Silverstone, Great Britain.

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