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Orphaned Baby Possum Finds Love In The Most Unexpected Place

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Wild animals that live in forests which are located next to public roads are always at risk of being run over by cars. Sadly, this is what happened to little Poncho’s mother.  Little Poncho is a baby possum who decided to cross a road right when a reckless driver was speeding on the highway and his mother was hit… You won’t believe what happened to Poncho next!

20. Little Poncho

This cute baby possum is Poncho and he found the love he needed in one of the most unexpected places you can imagine. With that being said, let’s see how his incredible story starts.

19. Living The Good Life

Poncho was living the good life. His mother would carry him around the forest and they would eat berries and other fruits together, until one day when something terrific happened!

18. Highway Traffic

Everything turned for the worse when Poncho’s mother wanted to cross over the road and a reckless driver hit her. Luckily, Poncho wasn’t hurt but he was heartbroken. The poor baby possum didn’t have a loving mother anymore…

17. Orphaned

Little Poncho was now an orphan. He didn’t have anyone to care for him and his mother didn’t show him how to fend off for himself. The odds were stacked against him, but then some strangers found Poncho and decided to help him.

16. Saddest Possum Ever

Some strangers were driving on the highway when they saw the sad possum clinging to his dead mother. The strangers couldn’t tell for how long Poncho was there, but they knew they had to do something about it.

15. Paying A Visit To The Vet

Poncho was not looking good and the strangers took him to the vet for a checkup. Fortunately, the vet concluded that Poncho is healthy and that he is only heartbroken about his mother’s death. This is not the only thing that the vet said…

14. Poncho Needs A Mother

The vet said that even though Poncho might be okay when it comes to health, he still needs a mother to look out for him. The baby possum didn’t know how to take care of himself and the strangers needed to find an adoptive mother for him.

13.  Looking For A Mother

Knowing that Poncho’s chances of survival by his own were slim, one of the strangers took the poor baby possum to his home. This is when the unexpected happened because Poncho quickly befriended one of the stranger’s pets!

12. Meeting Hantu

Hantu is a German Shepard who for some unknown reason, felt a connection with the baby possum. Seeing this, everyone was left in awe! Would you ever expect a dog to care so much for a possum?

11. Odd Pairing

Even though this was an odd pairing, the stranger knew that he needed to let the two animals bond with each other because little Poncho needed someone to care for him. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

10. Carrying Poncho Around

The most amazing thing about seeing these two animals together was the fact that Hantu carried Poncho everywhere she went, just like a possum mother would do! Isn’t this amazing?

9. Maternal Instincts

From the looks of it, Hantu’s maternal instincts kicked in when she saw the sad little possum. The most incredible thing about this is that Hantu never had any puppies of her own, but she knew exactly how to take care of the baby possum.

8. Healthy Food

Even though Hantu cared for Poncho, the dog didn’t know how to teach him how to collect food on his own. However, the stranger who found Poncho on the highway made sure to feed him healthy food in order to make sure that Poncho grows big and strong.

7. Special Relationship

Poncho started getting bigger only weeks after staying with Hantu. The healthy food and the mother’s love that Hantu was giving Poncho was helping him grow up. Although, this is a win-win situation because Hantu was happy to have Poncho around.

6. Hantu Is Happy

Hantu didn’t have any puppies and Poncho was exactly what she needed. The dog’s maternal instincts kicked in at the right time and this saved Poncho’s life.

5. Protective Mother

The most interesting thing about Hantu’s relationship with Poncho was that she was very protective of him. Poncho was now officially Hantu’s puppy!

4. Getting Too Close To Poncho

Hantu is so protective of Poncho that no one can even get close to him without her permission! Isn’t this how protective mothers get? Nonetheless, seeing them ride around the backyard always brought a smile on people’s face.

3. Full Grown Possum

Even though Poncho grew up and he wasn’t a baby anymore, Hantu still carried him on her back. The bond between these two is powerful and nothing is ever going to split them apart!

2. Baby Possum

Hantu loves to carry Poncho around her back just like when he was a baby. To make things even more hilarious, Poncho never goes out in the backyard by his own. He got used to being carried around everywhere!

1. Adoptive Mother

Poncho was a sad baby clinging to his dead mother when the strangers found him. However, he got lucky and Hantu took him. The two animals found each other at the right time and seeing them together is always going to be a sight to behold.

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