What Are Affirmations

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Have you ever desired to make a positive change that lasts? You are overweight, you start a weight loss program but you can’t stick to it and you can’t get any result. Or you want to have more confidence in yourself, but it’s hard and you don’t see any way out from your long-lasting self-cousciousness. Or you have some fears that prevent you to enjoy your life fully like fear of flying, agoraphobia et cetera.

In other words you want to change yourself but something inside of you is holding you back. I can understand, I’ve been trough the same problem and that situation made me discover how human mind operate and human behaviour is determined.

It’s really easy. Ask yourself: “What is holding me back?” Probably is some kind of fear, fear of change, the fear of not being accepted anymore by others and being left out alone.
It’s reasonable, we all fear what we don’t know, it’s the human instict of survival that has preserved human kind from being extincted many years ago.

But nowadays it’s not that useful anymore. You want to see your dreams come true and everything in between is an obstacle.

A solution to this problem are affirmations. Let’s say you want to be rich but everytime you want to put some efforts in building your wealth you tend to procrastinate, you’are discoraged, you don’t believe in yourself.

All you have to do is to repeat: “I am rich, I am rich, I am rich” a gazillion times, until you really start believing in what you are telling yourself. And so, for every issue you have, keep using affirmations until you dont feel different and don’t let failure discorage you.


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