Destiny Vs Hard work

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Hard work perhaps can be rated as the best personality trait of a person’s attributes. There can be no substitute for hard work. I believe in hard work. I love hard working people. People will always respect and love hard working persons.

My question now is whether all hard working people succeed in life?

On the other hand, do all lazy people fail in life?

The answer is” No”.

Similarly, I have some more questions. Do all the intelligent people come up in life?

Alternatively, do all dull persons fail in life?

Again, the answer is a big “NO”.

There is a saying “success is from 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

It is obvious that we need intelligence and hard work for success in life.

Nevertheless, there is one more very important factor, which helps you be successful.  That is your destiny.

You may call it as destiny or God’s blessing. I strongly believe without God’s blessing we cannot go anywhere near success.

There are three types of fortunes one can enjoy in life. One is the fortune he may enjoy due to the time of his birth.(Planets influence life according to his/her time of birth) The second fortune is created by his/her hard work.The third fortune is from the positive or negative enrgy of your home/work place.

I want to make myself clear to my readers that I do believe in hard work as you do. At the same time, I believe that hard work alone cannot gift you success. We need the favorable gift of Destiny, hard work and intelligence to travel the road of success. The simple arithmetic formula is:

Favorable destiny+ hard work +intelligence= Success



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