Breast Cancer Is A Terrible Disease

Breast Cancer is a nasty disease. It can occur at any time in a woman’s adult life.

About 3 years ago, my mother went to her Doctor to be told that she had to see a Consultant and have breast check up at the hospital. They found a lump in one of her breasts, which was very small, but it was cancerous. She was, also, told that she had a form of Padget’s disease, which was a rash around the nipple. This made it even more worse for her.

She went on to have an operation called a mastectomy, which is the removal of a breast. They also had to remove 16 lymph nodes, because they were cancerous too. The Doctors had told her to expect this to happen, so she was prepared.

What she was not prepared for, was the pain afterward, because a tube was going through her armpit where the nodes were taken out. This tube was to drain the breast. Of course, the worst thing of all is, you have to go home with this tube in you.

It was not easy for her at all, as she also, suffered a heart attack a year before this and had heart failure disease along with having Diabetes too (insulin dependent). Because of these health problems, she was not allowed to receive chemotherapy. Instead, she received radiotherapy treatment two months later after the tube was removed from under her armpit.

She was, also, put on a cancer tablet, which she has to take for five years and this would prevent the cancer from moving to there breast. After one year, she was clear of cancer, which was a relief. Now it has been three years and she will soon be having the next cancer check-up.

The pain some women have to endure is terrible and that is why all women should have regular breast check-ups to prevent this disease. I only wished that my mother had done the same.

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