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Puppy Survives After A 250 Mile Journey Stuck In The Car Grill

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Any driver that hears strange noises under the hood would stop to check out what’s wrong. But when you’re driving fast and you don’t notice it, it could be shocking to discover that it wasn’t the car which made that noise. Well, of course, the car doesn’t bark or hoot… We know, it sounds weird, but bear with us. You’ll soon understand it once we begin the story.

Let’s just start by saying that a stray dog in China hitched a ride for 250 miles in the weirdest way ever and in the end, he even got a home!

20. A Long Drive

Mr. Zhang was going to drive for a very long distance. But little did he know that a dog would leap from some bushes right in front of his car. The man couldn’t stop in time to avoid the poor pup…

19. He Surely Died

The driver didn’t think the dog survived the hit: ‘was driving pretty quickly at the time so when I hit the dog, I thought it had either died or run away, so I didn’t get out of the car to check.’ But then, this happened…

18. Strange Noises

After a few miles, Mr. Zhang started hearing weird noises from under the hood. So, he pulled over: ‘I heard barking from under the car’, he said. To his shock, there was the dog, frightened and staring at him!

17. A Little Stuck

The poor pup was stuck in the front bumper and couldn’t get out. Mr. Zhang didn’t know how to get the pup out, so he had to make a painful choice. He would continue his journey, first stopping to a vet and figure a way to help the pooch.

16. It’s Safer There

Mr. Zhang said that the dog was ‘held tightly by the bumper’, far from the water tank. So, he just assumed that the pup was better staying there for the ride to the vet. And this is how he hitched a ride for over 200 miles!

15. Going Back

‘I didn’t dare to extricate it by myself,’ said the driver. So he then drove back to Loudi and searched for some professional help. He arrived at a vet clinic and soon the pooch was released. This is what the man said…

14. A Moving Experience

‘It escaped from great danger. This really moved me. This shows my fate with the dog.’ And when hearing that the dog got away with only a few cuts and bruises and a lot of shock, everyone was surprised!

13. You’re Coming Home

After the vet said that the dog was healthy, Mr. Zhang knew it was meant to be. So, he took the pooch in the back of his truck in a cage and went home. Now, they inseparable! It was a weird experience, but with a happy ending. And that’s not all, you won’t believe what happened after…

12. Stop to Check

The story reached local news and then it got viral. People around the world were wondering why the driver didn’t stop the car right away after hitting the dog but we’re happy to know that the pooch was alright after all!

11. Sticky Situations

All over the world, many other animals went through the same experience. Some of them survive and some of them didn’t stand a chance. Fortunately, this next wild animal got lucky. He rode 600 miles until he got saved…

10. Hit By a Car

Daniel and Tevyn East are brother and sister and they went on a long trip. Little did they know that a coyote they hit on the road would tag along for 600 miles! It was nighttime and they hit a coyote…

9. It Was Over

Daniel said they ‘thought the story was over’. They stopped for fuel twice, drove for 600 miles and after eight hours, they were shocked to see fur on the bumper: ‘Assumption was it was part of the coyote – didn’t register it was the whole animal.’ And then this happened…

8. And Then It Moved!

Tevyn realized that the coyote was not only whole but was also alive! She said that ‘It flinched. It was a huge surprise – he freaked out!’ They called animal control and took ‘Tricky’, the coyote out. You won’t believe this!

7. Not a Fatal Accident

Daniel and Tevyn thought that they had fatally hit the coyote, but after finding out he was alive when the vets took him out, they saw he only had a few scrapes on a paw. This next story is even more unbelievable!

6. Driving Near Adelaide

Loren Davis was going home, traveling at 62 miles per hour on a dark Australian highway. It was night and in a second, she saw she hit a koala: ‘When I saw it, I went to change lanes,’ said Loren. But she couldn’t avoid the animal…

5. Almost in an Accident

She was almost hit by two other cars, so she ‘had no choice but to hit the koala’. Getting back home, she was so sad, she went inside the house to tell her family. When her husband came to check the car, he yelled ‘He’s alive!’. They took him to the koala rescue center and he was fine!

4. An Odd 911 Call

A man was driving his car and was suddenly chased and stopped by another driver. He told him that there was a bird stuck in the grille of his car. He called 911 and the operators were shocked to hear about it.

3. Going to a Sanctuary

It seems that Hurricane Matthew might have had something to do with the bald eagle. Rescue was on its way and then the eagle was sent to the B.E.A.K.S. Wildlife Sanctuary to rehabilitation. A woman had a similar encounter…

2. A Bird on the Road

Sonji Coney Williams was driving on the Florida Turnpike when she hit a bird which wouldn’t move off a road. Driving at 60 miles per hour didn’t help either. It was very dark and the woman didn’t pull over. The next day, she was shocked!

1. ‘Don’t Move’

The next day she was running some errands when a family stopped her yelling: ‘Don’t move, don’t move, you have something in the grille of your truck!’ Officers from Florida Fish and Wildlife came to take out the Great Horned Owl from the car. She was in good health and happy to get out!

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