Clickbank Inner Circle By Chris Freville

Want to learn how to become a super affiliate in 60 days or less? In this course, taught by Chris Freville, a super affiliate, will teach you how to make money from affiliate marketing through joint ventures.

Chris starts by outlining the steps you need to take based on your level as an affiliate. He starts with complete beginners and teaches you affiliate marketing. This isn’t just a package for beginners though; Chris will teach you how to market affiliate programs and make a lot more money regardless of your skills.

After teaching you the basics of affiliate marketing, he outlines the five step process for becoming a super affiliate using joint ventures. He shows you how to get noticed by the top internet marketers online and how you can connect with them to set up profitable joint ventures.

This package contains several manuals, as well as expert interviews by top super affiliates who have used these strategies to make a lot of money.

The guides cover everything from how to get started based on your level of experience (beginner, intermediate, advanced), super affiliate marketing, and building your joint ventures. There is also the video guide, as well as the process map to keep you on track.

The interviews include Chris X from Day Job Killer, Alex Goad, Eric Rockefeller, and Rob Benwell. Two of the interviews are in audio and PDF while the other two are only in PDF.

This is a very comprehensive package on the topic of affiliate marketing with over 200 pages of information. Don’t let that scare you though. Chris is very thorough in explaining the topic of affiliate marketing, as well as executing a successful joint venture. He leaves nothing to chance and even teaches you how to create your own products.

Chris doesn’t just stop with teaching you successful affiliate marketing though. He adds the final piece in the affiliate marketing puzzle, what he calls, “The Key to the Good Life.”

For those who are interested in starting an affiliate business and earning money quickly, this is definitely worth a look.

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