3 Ways to Recruit Affiliates For Your Product

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You create a new product and get your website ready to finally sell it and make some profits. A factor you have to consider is finding lot of affiliates that promote your sales page. If you success in this you can simply sit back and enjoy the money flowing in… Let’s see how it can be done.

Most of the times is marketers’ fault if no one want to be their affiliate. Let’s see what you DON’T have to do in order to attract affiliates that sell.

– Having Low commissions. High commissions can attract a lot of affiliates, in particular those experts that could bring you many, many sales. Informations products usually offer a 50% of the total prize in commission to their affiliate. So, the more the best. But at least, fifty percent.

– Having no support for your affiliates.  If you provide the greatest support to your affiliates, you create tons of banners, salesletters, autoresponders and good new tactics to implement, it is always a winning incentive for affiliates to promote your product.

– Having a cheap product.  Affiliates generally hate to  work with products on the low-end of the price spectrum.  They want high-end products that can bring them more money and less hassle. As you may imagine the idea of getting a sixty percent commission on an product that costs eight dollars is all but exciting.  Keep always the affiliate payout in the sixteen to twentyfive dollar range.

Rember: low prices, low commission and a lack of affiliate outreach can hamstring your efforts to maximize your profits from product sales.


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