Fast Food and Teen Overweight

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A study clearly relates the amount of fast food that takes a teenager with his obesity, which, moreover, seems very logical. Taking into account the problems caused by overweight, we should seek a change of habits in them.
The study, conducted in United States and published in “Pediatrics”, was conducted on 14,355 boys and girls from 9 to 14 years and showed a strong correlation between frequent local fast food and overweight. This custom is also supposed to follow unhealthy diets: take less fruit and vegetables, more sugary drinks and the food is less varied.
When it touches the subject, many parents still think they are too young to have heart problems and that they will have time later to worry about these issues. Of course there is a tremendous mistake, because, first, to be obese adults with an established against the will to fight, which is not easy. But also will have some food habits that will probably lead to a large extent.
Furthermore, obesity can result in medical problems who suffers from a very young, but many people ignored. Additionally, at that age are very vulnerable to psychological aspects such as self-esteem derived from their own appearance, and this is something to be taken seriously.
Having taken the importance of the problem, the question is how to make our children change their eating habits. The authors of the study, including Dr. Elsie Taveras, School of Public Health Harvard, emphasize the importance of nutritional education of both children and parents.


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