Horrific Date I Lived to Tell About…

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I met a girl on Craigslist way back before I knew any better.  I gave her my number and she of course called me right away.  She was so perky and enthusiastic on the phone.  She wanted to meet me.  I was very very tired and I had just woken up, but decided to meet her anyway.  We picked a meeting place that was halfway, which happened to be Safeway because we both knew where that was.  Everything seemed okay up to this point. 

I went outside to start my car and it wouldn’t start!  This is a common problem I have with that car even to this day, only this was back when I didn’t know how to work around the problem.  I of course called her by phone to let her know I was having a problem.  We talked a little at that point and she mentioned she was a diabetic and asked me if I had a problem with that.  I thought in my mind that I of course prefer someone completely healthy, but I told her that it wasn’t that big of a deal.  I knew she couldn’t help it.

I met with her and decide to take her to Mel’s in Berkeley only I NEVER drove to Berkeley from THAT side.  I didn’t really know my way but I didn’t want her to think I didn’t.  It’s the whole men don’t like to ask for directions thing I guess.  From that side she was more familiar than I was and I could have easily asked her, but I tried figuring it out myself anyway.   Side note – When I first saw her I realized she was a little bit more woman than I usually like.  I have since called THAT look, craigslist grade.  It’s when they’re not really fat, but they are just below the level that would make them attractive.  I of course remained polite and nice.

As I’m driving along she continues to talk in a very perky telemarketer sounding voice.  I tried to make her feel more at ease by speaking to her slowly and with a warm tone to my voice, but she would never just relax.  It was like she was at an interview or something!  That caused me to get a little bugged and it made me a touch more nervous than I normally would have been.

I almost missed the exit.  She yelled for me to TURN THERE!.. I of course turned there but I didn’t really want to because I could navigate better by entering Berkeley from the other side (this was before I knew Berkeley like I do now, which is better but still not like a local).  I know mentally where Mel’s is at this point, but not streetwise.  So I’m looking down streets to decided which one I want to turn on.  She then screams and I look.. there was a divider ahead of me.  I dodged it quickly and didn’t hit it, but we almost got into a reck for sure.  After that she would try to be a back seat driver or make suggestions but then she would catch herself and try not to.  As with many things, once I make one mistake it usually leads to a string of others.  This is especially true when I get nervous.  I will say this, I have driven to Mel’s in Berkeley several times and have NEVER had a problem until that night.  I have never had any problems since. 

We get to Mel’s only to find that it was closed!  Wow, what kind of a man am I?  I can’t even plan something out right.  I take a lady to a closed restaurant!  I didn’t realize how late it was because I had been sleeping.  I guess I was still a little cloudy headed!  I decide to take her to Denny’s instead.  I was now in an area I was familiar with and could easily take her there.  On the way to Denny’s she was asking me questions like, how many dates have I been on etc.  I knew what she really meant to say is that I didn’t look like I knew what I was doing.  She’s probably right since I had the same girlfriend I met in high school for years before becoming single.  I really had no idea what I was doing.

We got to Denny’s and everything I said she would almost try to take the wrong way.  Like I mentioned I was into telephone electronics.  I mentioned some things about what I knew about and she took that to mean I might stalk her or evesdrop on her phone calls.  I never even thought a girl’s mind would go there, since I had no experience with how paranoid women have become over the years.  She then insisted on paying for her meal.  I’m old fashioned that way.  I left her money on the table as the tip and I paid for the whole thing!

As I was driving her back she tried to get me to turn but this time I knew where I was and I told her it would be better and quicker to keep going straight.   I thought my trouble was over and then I passed up Safeway!  I messed up again!  Not a big deal but it just added to my long list of failures that night.  I dropped her off and guess what?  She NEVER called me again and she never returned any of my phone calls!  That made me feel kind of bad.  Makes me wonder if I should have told her I DID mind that she was a diabetic.. Nah, I prefer being the nice one dumped than something like HER any day.

Well, that’s my horror story!


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