Upfront payment for writing on line

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Upfront payment for writing on line

I found another web site which pays upfront for the articles you write.

Oboulo.com is a database of academic articles, essays, book reviews, book reports, and more. Oboulo has been very popular in France, and recently branched out into the U.S./Canada market. Oboulo is not a “paper mill”; customers can buy copies of the papers that are on the Oboulo site, to use as reference material and as a guide for writing papers. Writers can earn $15 per paper submitted and accepted. Learn how to write for Oboulo and make money using this method.

Step 1

Find any paper you’ve written. Paper topics can be any academic issue, book reviews, book reports, summaries, business case studies–even writing templates

Step 2

Register with Oboulo.com as a “new customer.” You’re not buying anything from Oboulo, but this is the term they use for setting up an account. You must give a valid PayPal address, so be sure to register for a PayPal address if you don’t have one already.

Step 3

Sell your first paper by submitting a paper in electronic form (.doc, .pdf, .txt, etc.). You will earn $10 per paper, BUT can earn $15 if you enter an “Ambassador Number” BEFORE submitting the paper. Use Ambassador Number 787846 to get the additional $5.

Oboulo is a wonderful site to submit in written articles, essays, presentations, and more for pay. There is no limit to the amount of work that you can submit. You will be able to earn a minimum of $10.00 per content piece that is submitted however if you ever the Ambassador number provided will allow you to earn $15.00 per written piece. Oboulo allows for writing on a large variety of projects such as book reviews, presentations, sample resumes, standard contracts, research papers, and case studies. The topics can be on history, technology, sciences, literature,environment and more.


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