Can You Really Earn Money Online?

Can you really earn money online? Yes you certainly can. If you are reading this article you are already on the Bukisa website where you can get paid for writing articles, but there is also another excellent website called Xomba. To get started all you need is a Adsense account. Xomba will show you how to set it up if you don’t already have one.

Once you join Xomba you can either contribute articles called Xombytes, or Xomburbs which are short posts. A Xombyte is an article of over 150 words. It is easy to write 150 words and if you enjoy the topic you write about, you will surprised just how much you will actually produce. Xomba offers plenty of advice on optimizing the article to attract search engines.

If you are nervous about writing articles you can begin by submitting short posts, called Xomblurbs. These are just a couple of sentences about a website, article or news item with a link at the bottom of the post.

Pick your topic carefully as you will earn more money if you write about a popular subject. It will attract more visitors and the Adsense clicks will probably pay higher. Xomba lists the latest and the most popular posts.

When Xomba publishes your Xombyte or Xomblurb it also includes Google Adsense and splits the earnings 50/50. By rotating your adsense code with their own code your 50% goes straight into your Google Adsense account.

Do not expect to make a fortune, but Xomba gives advice on how to reach Google’s minimum payout of $100 a month and many people earn more. So why waste time chatting on social networks, when writing about topics you enjoy could be really earn money online.

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