On the modernity of zen.

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Zen is a school of buddhism that comes from the chinese buddhism, or Chan and has as parent a monk called Bodhidarma. So we can say that it could be considered as a proper religion. But it’s modernity is in his double nature of religion and philosophy. Other forms of buddhism can be considered having this double nature, but I think zen is the most pure in this sense. This because zen it’s based above all on the simplicity of life and, we can say, on the efficiency. I think in fact that a problem of ours days is exactly the efficiency. We can see that inefficiency operating in much more things that we can imagine if we watch carefully. The human race now has more economical and technological advantages than what we could imagine only few decades ago. But there are every type of problems in the world. Zen indeed points to the maximum achievement with the minimum effort. It joins the tranquillity of meditation with the hard work in a perfect mixing. It’s not only a matter of practise or philosophy, it’s a style of life and maybe this style of life could be helpful to annichilate most of the problems ( political, economical, social, etc.) that are appearing in this world. In fact zen look at the world in a simple mode and can be useful in resolving the unnecessary conflicts due to a bad comprehension of the others with its rational and calm approach and with its quick way of acting.


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