How to Find an Email Address for Someone in the UK

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If you have a friend or relative in the U.K. with whom you’ve lost contact, or maybe the email address you have for her is no longer valid, chances are you’ve been wondering how to find that person’s current email address. While it can be difficult to find such contact information for a person in the U.K., it is certainly not impossible.

Part 1: Google the person. If your friend or relative has a website, or is mentioned on someone else’s website this may yield the person’s e-mail address or at least clues about where to look next. You never know when you’re going to find a friend of a friend who has talked to the person you are looking for recently.

Part 2: Go to My Space and Facebook and search for him. While this should show up in the Google results when you search for your friend or relative, there is always the possibility that it is farther down in the results where you might not see it. Because of this, it’s a good idea to check My Space and Facebook seperately.

Part 3: Contact any mutual friends or family members of the person you are looking for and find out if any of them have heard from the person, or if they have an e-mail address for him. You never know, you might get lucky.

Part 4: Go to and do a search for the person you are looking for. This is a search engine that is specifically geared for finding people in the UK. While they don’t give you the e-mail address of anyone, there are addresses, and phone numbers. If you don’t want to call or write the person then try searching for them on Google with the phone number and or address. Sometimes it will be a company and you’ll be able to look at the company’s directory and find an e-mail for the person you are looking for.


1. Consider writing and mailing a letter to the last address you have for the person and then ask them for their e-mail that way.

2. If you have a phone number for the person consider calling them to get their e-mail address.


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