Keep Up Your Mind Always!

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When nothing seems to go your way,
Keep your head.
When the odds are against you
When the time requires you to fire up,
Show you can do it.
If you think you can, you can &
Show you can do it.
Keep faith. Believe that you are going to reach the
shores, what the odds may be, and that its just a
matter of time. If things are going your way, then
realise that you are doing something right and keep
doing it, stick to it because you are on the right path.
And that”s what will keep you taking ahead. That”s
what will raise you above all the others. That”s what
will make you stand out in the crowds.
Even a birdie is willing to fly right from the word go. It
knows or even may not that its wings are still not strong
enough to carry it forward. But the will to fly and experience
something new makes the little birdie restless. Probably it
knows more than us that “WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE
If you struggle, strive, fight, battle then success, achievement,
the joy, the pleasure and the satisfaction of reaching your goal will
be all yours and one will be able to deprive you of you of that special
moment. Help yourself on the path to success. And yes, positve thoughts
are the wings to success. So think positive always. Afterall its all in the mind !


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