How to Find a Japanese Wife

There are many Western men looking for a Japanese wife. Western men seek Japanese wives for a number of reasons, one is that they believe Japanese women want only to please their man, and will do anything for them. Another is that they believe a Japanese woman will work harder to maintain a marriage than a Western woman might. The first can be a misconception because Japanese women just like Western women have their own personalities and while some may do anything for their husbands, most are interested in Western men so they can have more freedom. The second is true because Japanese women are raised to respect the institution of marriage. Here is how to find a Japanese wife.

Part 1: Ask a Japanese friend if he or she knows of someone who would be interested in dating a man from the West. This is by far the best way to find a Japanese wife because you are getting an introduction to someone by someone who knows the person and the culture.

Part 2: Attend Japanese cultural events in your city. If you already know someone who is Japanese and is attending, go with this person as it will make it easier for you to meet Japanese women.

Part 3: Make a trip to the Rippongi section of Tokyo, Japan. This area is famous for its nightlife and is a very popular place for both foreigners and other Japanese to visit. They have motels, shopping malls and a wide variety of places to visit and perhaps meet Japanese women. You may get lucky and find a nice Japanese girl who is interested in dating and or marriage to a Western man.

Part 4: Sign up for a couple of reputable dating websites that feature Japanese women who are interested in Western men. Look through the pictures of available Japanese women and begin writing to three or four of them. You may get lucky and find the Japanese woman of your dreams. You can distinguish scams from real opportunities to meet Japanese women by checking out websites with the Better Business Bureau for complaints.


1. If you’re using a dating website to find your Japanese wife, be sure and add a good picture of yourself to the website. Japanese women are reluctant to reply to e-mails from Western men who don’t have a picture on their profile.


1. Avoid posting photos on your profile on dating websites featuring Japanese women where you are with another woman in the photo, even if its a family member because it will cause doubts in the Japanese woman’s mind.

2. Make sure you have a firm understanding of modern Japanese culture before beginning your search for a Japanese wife, otherwise you could make mistakes that make you unattractive to Japanese women.

3. Before marrying a Japanese woman understand that family is very important, as is generosity in Japanese culture. When you marry a Japanese woman, you are in essence also marrying her family, and it will be expected that you help out family members financially at times.

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