Latest trend for web designing

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Are you thinking about latest trend for web layout,here comes the solution of it.The first thing comes in your mind is color combination of your design and got stuck with it.The color scheme of a website is obviously one of the most significant design decisions that needs to be made.So what comes to your mind when you think of the color white? As it is the most simple ,peaceful and elegant color.As you can see use of white color in web design of many blog, online portfolio, e-commerce and many more sites. White is used for font color, background color, link, images and many more.Some of the best designed websites on the web are in white,as white looks clean and is a great backdrop for dark text.Design with combination of black on white, blue on white, brown on white provide an extremely attractive design.

Using Illustration with White


Illustration, handwritten design, cartoon characters and grunge is the new web trend. Web designers and graphic designers shows their creativity using through this illustration and artwork.As white color is root of all the beautiful things that lays underneath.
Using White to Brighten up Other Colors


One thing that you have to keep in mind is that white can make any other light and bright color to bring out its depth, intensity and richness.You would think simple plain web sites are exciting like the colorful websites and you would be wrong. Color such as red, blue, light green , pink and any other light color will look focused and pleasant.


Therefore, if you are planning to mix up other color in links, menu, buttons use the color wisely, rather then looking like a mess. Here are some website that makes white and other colors work together and makes it sexy.



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