Sizzlin’, Spicy Season Seven Spoilers!

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Howdy One Tree Hill Fans. I know that I haven’t posted since I gave my opinion on the One Tree Hill Season finale but the blogs are rollin’ back! I do want to say thanks for all of the comments/questions that I did receive. From those questions and comments, there are a lot of concerns from fans about how successful/unsuccessful season 7 is really going to be without Lucas and Peyton.

Normally, I would say, “Mark Schwahn and the other writers know what they’re doing” but I guess we’ll see. I guess that the thousands of fans of the show are concerned that the show is going to fall without its two main characters in Tree Hill. But we’ll leave it up to Brooke, Haley, and Nathan to take the show awwwwayyyy!

Now for spoilers! Three new characters are coming to Tree Hill to spice up some drama. Quinn, one of Haley’s three sisters is coming to Tree Hill (let’s hope the Taylor – Nathan thing doesn’t happen). Brooke gains a new pretty, edgy fashion model for her line named Alexis who is a total party girl whose life appears like Brooke’s high school experience, and Clayton, Nathan’s young, fresh sports agent proves to be a close friend to Nathan in the long run.

Speaking of the role of Clayton, rumors of Brian Austin Green have really been sparking on One Tree Hill blogs, forums, and message boards. Although we would all love to see Brain Austin Green (David Silver from Beverly Hills 90210, no not 90210) in Tree Hill showing off his sexy good looks and starting drama, he passed on the role L He will not be portraying the role of Clayton on One Tree Hill as far as anyone knows and I unfortunately don’t know who will be playing the character. Let’s just hope he’s cute!

Speaking of cute, Austin Nichols will be a regular – permanent character on One Tree Hill. I guess the love story between Julian and Brooke will really heat up this new season. I mean who knows, maybe he’ll move to Tree Hill and start his own business there to be closer to Brooke…ha he can use Peyton’s recording studio, it’s not like she will be, which is sad, I’m really going to miss Peyton, but hush…she might be back as a guest star, but you didn’t hear that from me!

I’ll post again soon with more spoilers on season 7. Anyways, if you have questions/comments on season 7, the season 6 finale, or what you think about Lucas and Peyton not returning, leave ‘em and I’ll address them in the next issue!




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