09-09-09 DUBAI

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What’s so special about 09/09/09?

Dubai is launching the DUBAI METRO – the first metro system here in the region. There will be two segments – The Red Line and The Green Line. The Color of the metro trains are all blue. So if you look at it this way, they’ve covered red, green and blue. What about yellow? Sure it’s there – the color of the Arabian Sands. (OK  I believe that’s an overboard statement, lol).


Picture, Courtesy:Gulf News.

Everyone is excited and curious of how this is actually going to benefit the Emirate. Previously, I had mentioned about the scenario of traffic faced by majority of the residents, including myself. I think this would be eased out. It will take time for the metro system to set into the lives of the people here. The fear of anything new is among many. To see if this is going to be a success or not, will hugely depend on the fares (most importantly), time taken to commute between places and the location of the stations. I drove past the Master Metro station on the way to work the other day and asked myself,”With only three months to go, are they going to be able to finish their work and launch it on time?” A bit of digging out of information led me to realize that it is going to be highly possible because the engineers, technicians and project managers are currently working three shifts a day full speed!!

Hats off to the whole team for making a concept a reality. To see Dubai change so much gives me a streak of happiness! All for the good I suppose, I shall keep you posted on how the metro fares when I buy a ticket at the launch at less than a 100 days from today. The countdown begins.


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