10 Tips for Leather Shoe Care

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  • For patent leather shoes, rub them with petroleum jelly and let them sit that way for a while. Then use a clean cloth to wipe away the jelly. This helps to keep the leather from cracking and adds to the shine.
  • Applying a little Castor oil and allowing it to dry before a regular cleaning will keep the shoes soft. Castor oil also helps with waterproofing, especially the soles.
  • Using a shoe horn will help against unnecessary wear on the heel area.


  • Don’t wear the same shoes for consecutive days. This will allow the shoes to completely dry out and air out from any moisture. If it’s been raining outside, get extra drying protection by stuffing the shoes with tissue.
  • Saddle soap makes a great cleaner and polisher for leather shoes. After all, saddles are leather, too, and the smell is intoxicating.
  • Cedar shoe trees can help leather shoes or boots keep their shape, and again, the smell is nice, too.tree_2.jpg
  • Don’t store your shoes in a warm place. Heat drys leather and increases cracking.
  • Once your shoes are completely dry, after a day or two, use a good shoe wax or a wax-based polish. Use a soft brush to rub in the polish, and hit the tight spots and creases with a small, soft brush. A cloth or horse hair brush can be used to for polishing.
  • Water and stain repellents are a necessity for suede shoes, being the best protection against stains. Spray on and brush off. Make sure to read the instructions on the repellent canister.
  • Keep that shoe box! That’s right, after you get home from shopping, don’t throw the box away. Shoe boxes are great for storing the shoes because they help with any drying process. Shoe boxes are also a neat way to store shoes.

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