Traditional Cinnamon Toast With Optional Apple and Lemon Variations: Traditional or Modern, It’s Up To You!

Sweet, savory and buttery cinnamon toast can be the perfect way to get your engine revved in the morning, or just satisfy that snack craving in the middle of the day. This tried and true classic needn’t be dry, boring or anything short of spectacular! A quick, easy recipe you’ll love—with or without the apple or lemon variations.

Tools and Ingredients:

  • 1 slice of 12 grain bread (although, whole wheat, other grain, white or any type of toaster-size roll, bun or baguette will suffice)
  • 1-2 pats of salted butter (or margarine), softened
  • 3 large pinches of cinnamon powder
  • 1 ½ – 2 large pinches of granulated (white) sugar
  • Toaster
  • Butter knife
  • Serving plate
  • For Variation: Apple Jelly, Thin lemon wedge

Choose your bread. 12 or whole grain varieties will pack the most texture, nutrition and also a wonderful nutty flavor that gives the finished dish a much richer taste profile. Whole wheat and white bread work well also, as can many different kinds of rolls or baguettes. Experiment with your toaster, it’s settings and a variety of breads to find what suits your palette.

Toast your chosen bread as desired.

Immediately after toasting, butter the bread on one side. Although using unsalted butter or margarine are good alternatives, a creamy, salted butter provides the most definitive and complimentary flavor to the final dish.

Just after the butter has melted onto the toasted bread, use approximately 2-3 large pinches of ground cinnamon powder, and sprinkle, liberally and evenly, over the bread. Be sure the cinnamon extends right to the outer edges of the toast.

Take 1½ -2 large pinches of white granulated sugar and sprinkle them evenly over the cinnamon. If you prefer an ‘old fashioned’ brand of cinnamon toast, cut in half and enjoy!

For a zingy variations: Take a thin lemon wedge and gently squeeze a little bit of fresh lemon juice over the cinnamon toast for added flavor and ‘zing’!

For an apple cinnamon toast: After buttering your toast, cover with a thin layer of apple jelly, the follow with the cinnamon and sugar. Using apple butter (instead of salted butter) also blends well with the dry ingredients and results in a sweeter finished product.

For your presentation: Adding a few slices of fresh fruit to the side of your serving plate is a great way to ‘dab up’ any leftover cinnamon and sugar from around your bread, and can look beautiful if plated thoughtfully.

Finally. remember that if you are buying cinnamon sugar, prepackaged, do your best to get a brand that lists ‘cinnamon’ as their leading ingredient, and not sugar, which indicates that the spice and not the sugar is the predominant ingredient.

Bon appetit!

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