Desperate Housewife starts campaign to gain one million followers on Twitter like Ashton Kutcher

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Ashton Kutcher recently beat out CNN to reach one million followers on Twitter. He claimed that he wanted to show that anyone can have a voice not just a celebrity. But the fact is he is a celebrity and that’s why people follow him. Wouldn’t it be great if a lil’ ol’ suburban housewife like me could get a million followers on Twitter?

Twitter, in case you don’t know, is the latest social networking craze. You get a box in which to type 140 characters (returns count–I tried to put in 140 numbers of pi but it kept cutting it off until I put in returns so I could only put in 137 numbers) about what you’re doing right now. Of course, if you actually did this, as my husband pointed out, you would type in “typing a Twitter entry”, “typing a Twitter entry”, “typing a Twitter entry”, and so on. People twitter about all kinds of things from what their cat is doing to inspirational quotes to urls to their website or blog. I happened to join Twitter on a whim while looking around at Internet marketing stuff. Consequently, most of my followers and the people I’m following are tweeting about IM. I’d like to branch out but haven’t had the time yet. The only person on my follow list I actually know is my mother-in-law. She’s also the one who invited me to Myspace.

Yes, I’m on Myspace and Facebook too but haven’t had time to put anything on my pages. I’m a stay-at-home mom remember? I like Twitter because it’s quick and easy. You basically have one page with a very simple profile and a little box to type in which tells you exactly when you’ve typed 140 characters. What could be easier. I believe this is why Twitter is taking off. You can have a million conversations at once and promote whatever you want whether it’s a charity you like, a book you’re reading, a product you’re selling, or a Factoid you’re writing.

Everyone has a creative urge of some kind and web 2.0 is the outlet. The web makes it easy to connect with people while sharing what you’ve created–a book, a song, a drawing, a photograph, a video, your thoughts and dreams. I recently found one of the most mind boggling websites ever: It’s a web application index, and you can find lots of fun websites with crazy names like Voki where you can create your own speaking avatar, or Fliggo where you can build a video sharing website. I was up until almost 2:00 in the morning surfing this list. Twitter applications abound and you can find three pages worth on go2web20!

So back to my campaign for one million followers on Twitter–I’m just an ordinary person who lives in Milwaukee with my husband and three little boys. If you’re interested, go to and follow me @eiwstar (the whole url is Then what would really be great: go sign up at which is kind of like Paypal for Twitter and donate $1.00 to Share our Strength which is working to stamp out childhood hunger–their Twitter id is @sharestrength. That would be one million dollars for hungry kids! My twitter profile says I’m a stay at home mom trying to keep up with the world, but it would be much easier if the world would keep up with me!


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