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How many diets can you list on both hands? How many have been best sellers and fizzled out in a short time to be replaced by the newest fad? How can one diet be created to help all individuals?

I worked side by side with an individual once who had multiple allergies, a weight problem, and ailments which caused her to seek out a chiropractor. Soon she was no longer complaining of sinus head aches from her allergies and various other physical problems. She had a new bounce in her step and was taking off weight effortlessly. She could not stop talking about the book her chiropractor wrote. She had promised to let me borrow this book, but she and I stopped working at this particular doctor’s office and lost touch.

I have been on the look out for the book ever since, but being the penny pincher I am waited until I found it at a second hand store for $.99. What a steal. Now as I settle into reading this book, I realize that I should have made the sacrifice else where and purchased the book. This book is not aimed at helping one lose weight, but if they need to, they will. It is aimed at helping individuals feel their best. Because we are individuals. Diets are not one size fits all.

“His first book, the New York Times best-seller Eat Right 4 Your Type, started a health revolution that continues unabated over ten years later. Now, with more than 3 million copies in print in over 50 languages, Eat Right 4 Your Type celebrates its 10th year as an unprecedented non-stop bestseller in hardcover”.



One of his lectures can be viewed here.

Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo explains that there have been 13,000 articles published on the internet regarding blood types and of those 9,000 are about transfusions. Why is there so much interest about blood types? Dr. Landsteiner studied blood types and offers this valuable information about the four types:

  • Type A carries anti-B antibodies, therefore B would be rejected by A
  • Type B carries anti-A antibodies, therefore A would be rejected by B
  • Therefore these two cannot exchange blood
  • Type AB carries no antibodies. It is the universal receiver and would accept any type of blood.
  • AB carries both A and B antigens so it is rejected by all other types but AB
  • Type O carries anti-A and anti-B antibodies. Type A, Type B and Type AB would be rejected.
  • Type O cannot receive blood from any other type but Type O, but cannot donate to all types

This information was the seed of the idea that if our blood is not universal, nor are our diet or physical needs.

Just a brief synopsis of the book’s offering follows:

Type O

  • Have a higher need for meat and protein
  • Should have diets low in carbohydrates
  • Eat fewer grains
  • Exercise more vigorously
  • Have a higher risk for ulcers and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis by eating improperly

Type A

  • A vegetarian diet is recommended
  • Low fats and high carbohydrates
  • Partake in gentle exercise such as yoga or golf
  • Deal with stress with meditation
  • Eating incorrectly increases heart disease and cancer risks

Type B

  • Enjoy the most varied diet of all types
  • Can enjoy meats and dairy
  • Moderate swimming and walking are ideal
  • Proper diet needed to avoid higher risks of slow-growing viruses that attack the nervous system

Type AB

  • Enjoys most of the benefits of Type A and Type B
  • Should engage in calming exercises and relaxation techniques
  • Has the friendliest immune system of all blood types

Near 400 pages of information pack this book, including diet, exercise, recipes, history, and health remedies for each blood type. The book is written in layman terms which are both fascinating and easy to understand. Dr. D’Adamo with writer, Catherine Whitney, describes many ailments and healthy alternative treatments. The chemistry of our blood type unlocks many of the mysteries to our health. Grab a copy today and see what foods may be causing you problems and which ones are ideal for you.

If interested you can now read more of my content at Seeds for Thought. Take care and stay well!

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